John Forrester


"Our digital presence was off to a flying start with Zenoti Connect and Marketing. Thanks to these invaluable tools, we saw a 200% uplift in online bookings and received over 500 reviews online. Zenoti’s organisational data went beyond our expectations, with reporting and tracking functions enabling us to view our operations at a glance, improve efficiency and make data-driven decisions. We’re also delighted with Zenoti’s online gift vouchers and the Forresters App. Both give clients vital remote access to our services. The Zenoti UK Director of Customer Success has been exemplary throughout our journey. His insight and understanding of our industry, infused with Zenoti’s tech tools, empowers us to make our sixth decade in hairdressing a resounding success."

reviews received since COVID reopening



Forresters Hair and Beauty Salon’s locations, across Berkshire and Oxfordshire, UK, are all backed by more than 50 years of dedicated salon experience. Central to Forresters is their commitment to creativity and skill, which the company heralds through their Hairdressing Training Academy. With high-quality cutting techniques and an award-winning staff of stylists, Forresters is hard to beat when it comes to customer results and satisfaction.