Yen Reis


"When it came to a build versus buy decision, we decided to build. That worked... for a while. Maintenance became extremely costly and it was difficult to grow the system and scale the business. With Zenoti, we're saving 50% on our technology costs. It was easy to decide to move to Zenoti's SaaS solution. With all our operations in the cloud, we never have to think about versioning and custom development again. After all, we're about skin - not technology."

reduction in technology cost


Skin Laundry

Bye bye, invasive treatments! Skin Laundry combines advanced technology with medical-grade lasers to rejuvenate your skin cells, boost collagen production, and improve clarity for transformative results. In 23 clinics across the US, London, Hong Kong and Dubai, they customize their no-downtime laser facials to best suit your personal skincare needs.