Multiple channels, one booking solution

Meet guests where they are

Give guests the freedom to book services, view upcoming appointments, manage their memberships and packages, and browse their service history anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Boost productivity and profitability

Save time, training, and overhead with a Booking Wizard that notes customer preferences as well as your business parameters to offer the optimal booking slot.

Upsell add-ons and retail
in real time

Enable guests to buy gift cards, memberships, packages, and retail products at the same time across any device. And automatically notify providers of current promotions to upsell and increase their average ticket price.

Simplified appointment management

Empower your team
with independence

Providers can add upgrades or retail products to invoices, take payments, and rebook appointments all from their mobile devices at the service chair and deliver a high-quality guest experience.

Personalize your touchpoints

Reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders and giving guests access to their profile information at their fingertips. Fill available slots by sending target promotions via text or in-app notifications.

Create a touchless,
receptionless experience

Make it easy for guests to book anywhere, anytime, and check-in/out, complete forms, and pay on their mobile phones with your own branded Consumer Mobile App and Zenoti Go.

Our Bookings and Webstore features deliver results

higher spends
online booking rate
higher share of bookings post-COVID

A simpler appointment experience

Our integrated solutions simplify front desk operations and make everyone’s life easier.

Boost online retail sales

Start, manage, and grow your online business with our Shopify integration.

Sell everything on one platform

Give guests access to everything in one place from services to retail products, gift cards, memberships, and more.

Provide multiple payment options

Increase guest convenience with the choice to pay how it best suits them.

Drive upsells

Provide add-on alerts and product recommendations for guests during booking and appointments.

Enjoy an integrated system

Access everything you need in one place, including provider details, guest information, room availability, and much more.

Go paperless

Enhance the appointment experience by giving guests the freedom to complete forms digitally before coming in.
Customers come to Jonny Levi Studio for a magical experience that leaves them feeling and looking radiant. Our technology partner needed to do the same. We chose Zenoti to ensure that the avant-garde customer experience starts well before they enter our salon. With Zenoti, we’ve eliminated the friction of booking, checking in and out, paying and more.
Jonathon Levi, Owner
Jonny Levi Studios
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Drive business success with a modern appointment booking solution.

Features that will help your business reach its full potential

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online appointment booking?

A salon/spa online appointment system is essentially a cloud-based software which allows guests to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments anytime, anywhere. The salon software enables convenient and secure appointment scheduling via a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet by accessing either a webpage or an app. It is designed to work as the first point of interaction between your business and your guests. One of the biggest advantages of an online salon/spa appointment booking system is that it makes your business available to your guests 24/7.

How successful can an appointment booking software be for salon/spa owners?

For businesses in the beauty and wellness sector, a salon/spa booking software works wonders. The software helps streamline the entire administrative process from booking appointments to taking payments. In addition to running the appointment book, the software can also help businesses manage their inventory, employees, and marketing. With almost every task being automated, salon and spa owners can shift their attention to important business goals such as increasing revenue and sales.

How does an online booking system work?

An online booking system gives guests the freedom to book appointments at their convenience. Usually hosted on a cloud-based digital platform, it can be accessed through various channels such as a webpage, social media, an app or a chatbot. For every new booking, the system shows available slots to guests based on their chosen service, provider, and timings. Once a slot has been selected, it’s instantly confirmed to your guest and added to your appointment book.

What are the benefits of online appointment software?

There are plenty of benefits to an online salon appointment system. Some of the major advantages include 24/7 guest communication, error-free scheduling, a detailed guest database, an easily managed appointment calendar, maximizing of revenue, and better work allocation to staff. Depending on your choice of software, you may also be able to utilize more advanced tools such as financial forecasts and data-driven business insights. All achieved without adding to your front desk staff’s workload.

What is the purpose of appointment booking software?

Streamlined operations and easy workflow processes are two of the primary ways in which salon management software can transform your business. A salon management software is designed to work as the backbone of your operations and take care of all administrative background tasks. Commencing from booking an appointment and culminating at accepting payment, a salon management software runs the entire process in a streamlined and logical way. Aside from basic operations, salon management software can also assist you in managing your employees, inventory, and marketing. Talk to us to know more.

Does an appointment booking software allow scheduling multiple appointments in one go?

Most salon/spa appointment booking systems are equipped to handle multiple appointments. Whether it is a group booking for friends, or a corporate wellness program, a standard salon software will easily accept multiple appointments for the same slot. Moreover, many systems are equipped to offer a flat discount when booking multiple appointments. These discounts come in the form of packaged deals and often have a minimum number of bookings.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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