Give your customers the power of choice

Zenoti integrates with leading payment apps so your customers can choose their preferred method payment. Every integrated payment experience is seamless, safe, and convenient -- for your customers and you.  

A customer-facing card payment kiosk that allows front desk staff to create invoices and accept payments, while guests can review invoices and pay via an iPad or card reader.

A quick in-store and online payments platform for beauty and wellness businesses in India; comes with multi-channel payment support, available for online as well as POS.

A payment gateway for the ASEAN region that allows guests to schedule appointments, and facilitates internet payments, as well as digital payments made by guests using iOS and Android devices.

An online payment service that allows guests to store card details, and book and pay for appointments on the webstore or mobile app. It also allows one-click payments using Amazon Pay balance.

A device that collects card payments and charges for services, memberships, packages, gift cards, and prepaid cards. The cloud-based payment gateway is exclusively for Windows-based POS systems in India.

A global payment gateway that facilitates collection of card payments and other transactions, both in-store and online. Windcave is certified with all major credit card schemes and is PCI DSS-compliant.

A buy-now, pay-later platform that works at POS and the webstore, and allows customers to split payments into installments. Available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

A platform that allows collection of recurring customer payments with automated billing for subscriptions and payment plans. Includes multiple payment options such as bank direct debit, debit card, and credit card.

Seamlessly accept secure payments online and in person via Zenoti by integrating with Stripe, enhancing customer convenience and optimizing payment processing efficiency through a fully integrated platform.


Simplify online shopping for your guests and your business

Zenoti ecommerce integrations give you the power to stay ahead of your customers' needs without wasting time or effort. No second-guessing, confusion, or inefficiencies – just an uncomplicated online shopping experience for your customers and peace of mind for you.

Enhance your guests’ online product buying experience by integrating your branded online webstore and mobile app with Shopify. You can save purchase history, automate inventory updates, generate invoices, and get daily sales and product reports.


Turn complexity into convenience with Zenoti accounting integrations

Master all your accounting challenges with our lineup of accounting integrations. These solutions eliminate manual tasks while helping you track profit and loss, manage cash flow and expenses, and prepare balance sheets. You'll reduce workload, improve accuracy, and position your business to boost revenue.

Simplify accounting with an integration that allows you to record transactions, manage payables and receivables, sync financial and inventory data, and close books; also provides accurate reporting capabilities.

Do more with Xero, a user-friendly accounting software that tracks financial activities, provides customizable reports, streamlines accounts payable, automates processes, handles payrolls, and manages invoices -- among other needs -- saving time and effort.

Ease day-to-day accounting activities with fast sync between Zenoti and your QuickBooks account. Simplify tracking of cash flow, invoices, sales receipts and more within a single dashboard. Improve productivity and flexibility, and ensure accuracy.  

A customer-facing card payment kiosk that allows front desk staff to create invoices and accept payments, while guests can review invoices and pay via an iPad or card reader. Track and organize finances, and eliminate manual work.

Automate financial management tasks and gain insights into business performance by integrating Zenoti with Sage, enabling real-time data synchronization and comprehensive reporting capabilities. This integration syncs your Zenoti sales transactions to Sage Intacct automatically for easy creation of financial statements and payment reconciliation. With your sales data automatically updated in Sage Intacct, you get an accurate view of revenue, liability, cash flow and business performance wherever you are.  


Streamlined staff payments and instant payroll reports with payroll integration.

Frustrating manual entry of staff data for payroll consumes valuable time and invites errors. Zenoti tackles this by seamlessly syncing with ADP RUN, eradicating the need for laborious data input.

Use ADP RUN payroll platform to pay and manage your staff    easier and faster. Post payroll data from Zenoti to ADP RUN in   just one click, eliminating manual entry of employee hours,     commissions, and tips. View ADP payroll reports right in Zenoti.


Save time and resources with effortless inventory management integration.

Manually transferring products from Zenoti Purchase orders to the Aveda cart is time-consuming and error-prone. Zenoti addresses this challenge by enabling seamless integration: with just one click, products seamlessly move from Zenoti Purchase orders to the Aveda cart.

Add products from Zenoti Purchase orders to your Aveda cart with one click. Effortlessly create purchase orders from a single list, automatically locating products in the Aveda portal for quick referencing and reviews. Save time, reduce errors, and receive instant alerts on unavailable products, eliminating manual orders.


Stay connected with your guests no matter where they are.

Zenoti Zoom integration helps customers to manage virtual appointments by automatically setting up zoom links in their appointments. This integration also gives customers access to Zoom's waiting rooms.


Seamless gym access management with Zenoti fitness integrations.

Managing gym access and memberships manually poses inconvenience and limits flexibility. Zenoti addresses this challenge by integrating Gantner door access devices, enabling automated entry and locker access without requiring front desk personnel. By associating devices with specific rooms and memberships, Zenoti empowers efficient room access control.

Gympass is a site that allows employers to give fitness benefits to gyms, studios, classes, and personal trainers. It is a membership that gives you access to a wide variety of fitness options giving you a better cost option and more ways to workout rather than just joining one gym.

Use Gantner door access devices with Zenoti to automate door    and locker access without front desk staff. Set up memberships   to have room access and associate devices with those rooms.    Give members wristbands to unlock doors in the studio and give    members access to parts of a facility during off hours or 24/7.

Zenoti now integrates with Vimeo, empowering fitness businesses to seamlessly offer on-demand classes. With this integration, customers can purchase memberships and packages via Zenoti, gaining access to Vimeo's extensive content library. This collaboration simplifies virtual fitness offerings, catering to both existing Vimeo users and newcomers, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all.


Capture your guests' color information effortlessly through a robust integration.

Keeping track of guest color preferences across different touchpoints can be a challenge, leading to inconsistencies and potential dissatisfaction. Zenoti addresses this concern by allowing staff to effortlessly log color palettes within guest profiles.

With Zenoti Vish integration, staff can access both platforms using a single login and have the flexibility to add guest color notes and preferences with reminders at various touchpoints, such as when opening guest history, booking appointments, or during check-in status. This enables them to provide a personalized experience to guests.

SSO (Single Sign-on)

Give your team quick access to multiple applications with single sign-on integrations

Logging into multiple applications with different logins gets time-consuming and frustrating -- especially doing it every day. Zenoti eliminates this problem with single sign-on integrations that manage multiple login credentials, streamline apps, and speed up access.

Log into Zenoti with your Okta Single Sign-On (SSO), over a secure connection. Access a range of applications with just one set of credentials; no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Link Zenoti to your enterprise software (Azure AD) via SAML SSO. Employees can seamlessly access information from Zenoti and Azure AD using a single username and password.

Provide cross-vendor Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), an SSO login standard that is becoming the technology of choice. This includes support for popular providers such as Azure AD, Google, and Okta.

Property Management System (PMS)

Comprehensive, easy-to-use property management systems

From a single location to an entire enterprise chain, get the most modern, property management solutions for your business.

Manage your hotel and resort operations, including bookings and payments, at the per-center level, with charges to each guest's room.


Supercharge productivity and unleash seamless workflows with Zenoti's workflow integrations.

Juggling multiple applications without seamless connections creates inefficiencies and manual redundancies. Zenoti addresses this by integrating with Zapier, enabling automated workflows across 4,000+ apps. With Webhooks, Zenoti tackles the challenge of orchestrating actions between applications based on specific triggers.

Use Zapier Integration to easily build automated workflows    between Zenoti and the other applications the business requires.    Zapier works with over 4,000 apps including Hubspot, Active    Campaign, Google forms, and more. Save time on repeated tasks,    build custom workflows, and sync data to other applications.

Use Webhooks to connect two or more applications where an    event in one application triggers a customer workflow or an    action in another application. Make an instant, real-time API calls    to external applications as certain events occur in Zenoti like new   guest create, appointment creation, invoice closure, and more.


Manage payroll from one robust platform

Managing payroll along with your everyday business operations can be a challenge. Inaccurate or late payroll causes even more problems. Zenoti payroll integrations ensure you can take care of payroll duties precisely and adeptly, keeping your employees satisfied and motivated.

The ADP Tip Card program provides Wisely cards you can issue to your employees. Tips are directly disbursed to the employees via the card, which can be used as a debit card.


Zenoti now seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, empowering businesses to gain valuable insights into their online presence and customer behavior. This integration enables tracking of online traffic, user interactions, and conversion metrics directly within the Zenoti platform. By harnessing the power of Google Analytics alongside Zenoti, businesses can optimize marketing strategies, improve online performance, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Working with Zenoti has been a game changer for us.

"The QuickBooks Online integration has been instrumental in streamlining our reconciliation of deposits and closed invoices within Zenoti. After the initial setup, matching daily deposits and journal entries requires minimal effort and also allows for tracking expected consumer rebates and reimbursements. The integration was very helpful in both setup and implementation, as well as ongoing support with any mapping issues."

Ali Harb

COO, Massage Green Spa

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do Zenoti integrations work?

As the name suggests, integration means to work seamlessly and in tandem with other resources. In the world that is highly connected and rather dependent on technology, Zenoti understands that the today’s business processes need to work seamlessly with multiple other external processes. Thus Zenoti integration ensures that the salon and spa management software can work in complete handshake with various other software such as Quickbooks, Amazon Pay, Zoom etc. to meet various needs of the businesses. To cite a few examples, Zenoti salon and spa management software works seamlessly with Amazon Pay to allow clients to make one-click payments using their Amazon Pay balances. The software is fully integrated with Quickbooks to expedite your financial processes and ensure error free data capturing.

What type of third party applications can I integrate with Zenoti?

Zenoti spa and salon management software is designed to bring complete ease of mind for business administrators. It is with this basic premise that the software is designed for easy integration with various third party applications that may be required to complete all business processes. Zenoti integrates easy with payment apps, and e-commerce apps to provide a single click purchase and invoice settlement experience. Further, Zenoti app also easily integrates with various accounting apps to conduct various other financial tasks such as accounting, maintaining sales register, expenses, and run payrolls etc. The salon and spa management software also easily works with Zoom for you to host interactive training sessions or host an open house Q&A sessions with your guests. With easy integration process, Zenoti provides a complete seamless experience at all user levels.

Does Zenoti integrate with Quickbooks?

The one word answer to the question is, “Yes”. Zenoti integrates smoothly with both; Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop. With its seamless integration with Quickbooks, Zenoti allows you to create a customer facing kiosk to allow front desk staff to raise invoice and for clients to clear those invoices based on their preferred payment methods. The financial data, inventor records, payroll etc. information stored in Zenoti salon and spa management software can be easily synced with Quickbooks to let you manage your entire financial operations on the go.

How many applications can I integrate with Zenoti?

With Zenoti salon and spa management software there is hardly any application that cannot be integrated. In order to cite a few examples, Zenoti integrates effortlessly with e-commerce apps to give users a seamless purchase experience. On the other hand, it works wonderfully well with payment apps and multiple payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Play and Samsun Pay to process payments in a span of just few seconds. Easy integration with accounting software such as Quickbooks, Zenoti ensures that all your financial data is not only safe and secure but also all the relevant accounting work, payroll, inventory management etc. can be done seamlessly. By ensuring periodic syncing of data, Zenoti ensures that no data is ever lost.

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