We Make Software That Supports Every Aspect Of Your
Salon, Spa Or Med Spa, Resulting In Easier Operations,
Improved Customer Experiences And Business Growth.

The technology you need. The support
you want. Or, win-win.

Technology may be the cornerstone of what we do, but our unwavering commitment to providing amazing customer support is who we are. That commitment to service, along with our knowledge of your business and expertise in building enterprise technology, is your assurance that our software will never be a failure point for you.


Our solution delivers everything you need to
manage and grow your business,
in a single, powerful package.



Whether you have multiple locations or
just one, Zenoti is specifically designed to
work with you. Today. And tomorrow.


Zenoti offers the only fully mobile
experience for salons, spas and medi spas.

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Salon management software screenshot

Follow the Cloud – Zenoti is reliable and secure, and
operates on global datacenters. So you don’t have to worry
about managing servers, and the costs and
headaches that go with it.

We make switching software
a minor technicality.

As experts in change management, our training and customer care team works with you to ensure
an easy and successful migration of your data.  Along with a smooth transition for employees.


From marketing to management to operations, Zenoti provides everything you need in a single cloud-based package. So, there's no messing with computer servers. No need for a 24/7 support staff. Zenoti works for you. Not the other way around.