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Spa management software that does it all

Zenoti spa software gives you control over every aspect of your business: booking, scheduling, marketing, payments, reporting, inventory, and so much more. With automation and insights that save you time and position your spa for greatness.

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The complete end-to-end solution for 25,000+ businesses across 50 countries

Set the bar for service

Keeping guests satisfied demands more intentionality than ever: personalized service, digital booking and shopping, a consistent experience at each appointment and location, and tempting offers and membership packages.

Zenoti brings it all together so you can deliver a VIP spa experience. With digital ease, guests can:

  • book online 24/7 via your website, branded mobile app, Google search results, and more – and group bookings are a snap
  • check in, check out and tip via mobile device
  • pay automatically upon check out
  • rebook with a simple two taps on a mobile screen

With detailed guest records, your service providers and can staff can treat every return visitor like a trusted friend, no matter which provider they see.

Your own branded mobile app

Standard third-party apps don’t cut it for a busy spa. With Zenoti, you get a complete, branded mobile app for your guests, a consistent, easy experience with your name, logo, service menu, and more.

The app puts everything within easy reach including online booking, retail products, and gift cards. It’s also where guests get your targeted offers and promotions based on their preferences and past services – no need to blast your whole contact list with hit-or-miss marketing efforts.

Better booking and scheduling

Zenoti online booking goes beyond one location, one appointment, and can offer guests available time slots at nearby locations.

AI-powered scheduling helps fill your appointment book efficiently – including filling in cancellations – to ensure you optimal utilization and revenue per hour.

Many locations? One experience for guests and staff

No matter how many locations you manage, a consistent brand experience is essential, across the street or across the country. Zenoti centralizes your spa management activity into a single access point, powering your network and minimizing your work.

  • Implement a single promotional strategy, easily tailored by region
  • Apply a services menu across your locations and adjust pricing per area
  • Tap into a single, aggregated guest database
  • Access reporting from one point of truth – no more hours spent compiling information
  • Redeem membership visits, loyalty points, and gift cards without extra reconciliation tasks

Empower your employees to thrive

Your spa is only as good as your service providers. Losing them to other opportunities is painful and costly. Zenoti powers your business by empowering your providers, all via our employee app:

  • Automated, on-the-spot recommendations for upsells and product add-ons – for every guest
  • Detailed guest notes with buying history and preferences
  • Access to performance KPIs – track progress, celebrate stars, motivate staff

Providers can tailor their services to each guest and cultivate long-term relationships – boosting their earning power and your spa’s reputation.


memberships revenue generated with Zenoti

US | 111 locations


increased average ticket price

IND | 74 locations


lost guests recovered in just 3 months

US | 11 locations


increased average booking price

UK | 1 location

The last spa software you’ll ever need

Take your spa success to the next level with Zenoti.

  • Run your entire spa organization from one platform
  • Intelligent booking, utilization, and revenue optimization
  • The convenience clients demand, the personalized service they crave

Frequently Asked Questions

What is spa software?

Spa software is any software solution that allows you to manage the daily logistics of running your spa. Some of these solutions manage only specific tasks (such as spa scheduling software, or payroll software), while some, like Zenoti, offer management for every aspect of your business.

What is the best spa software?

The best spa software is user-friendly and allows you to handle all of your management tasks in the same place, without switching logins or systems.It should offer the conveniences modern consumers demand, such as online booking, automated appointment reminders, and touchless payment. It should help you proactively grow your clientele and market your services, while also handling the everyday responsibilities of inventory and payroll.A good software should include strong reporting features to help you make smarter business decisions.Finally, no management software is complete without a reliable support team. Company representatives should come alongside you as you implement their product, and should address questions and problems right away.

What features are important in spa booking software?

Clients want the option to book online outside of office hours, so digital booking options are key. Online booking must include a secure feature for capturing payment information, and the appointments calendar should be easy to navigate for providers and front desk staff.To get the most out of your workday and maximize revenue potential, look for a product with scheduling features that help fill cancellations and empty appointment times.

What’s the difference between spa scheduling software and a spa management system?

Scheduling software runs your appointment calendar. A spa management system, on the other hand, manages multiple aspects of running your business, such as payroll, inventory, marketing, redeeming gift cards, tracking metrics, etc.

How much does spa management software cost?

Spa software pricing varies by functionality and the number of licenses you purchase. Most vendors use a tiered pricing model that accommodates a wide range of needs. For instance, a single-center salon may not need the depth and breadth of features that a large spa franchise requires.

Choose a vendor with insider experience in the beauty and wellness industry; they will know how to help you use your software to generate more revenue, automate most of the tasks you do by hand, and simplify your employee and guest experience. During the software demo is a great time to ask for detailed information on pricing, including any additional costs beyond the base software price.

Is my system compatible with the Zenoti spa software platform?

Zenoti Mobile applications will run on Apple devices (iPhone 7 and later, iPod Touch 7th generation, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad Mini 4 and later, iPad Pro 2nd generation and later, with iOS 13 and later) and Android 10 and later devices (all smartphones and tablets of 8 inches and above and a 4GB RAM + 32 GB ROM and above). We recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. Please note that Amazon Fire tablets are not currently supported.

In terms of browser compatibility, Zenoti currently supports Google Chrome (version 92 or later), Mozilla Firefox (version 90 or later), Safari for Mac (version 13 or later), and Microsoft Edge (version 95 or later). If you set up credit card processing integrations with any provider other than Zenoti Payments, we recommend disabling any auto-update features for that browser and any dependent technology (like Java). We do not recommend using either Internet Explorer or Opera.

Please use Windows 10 (or above) operating systems with the latest Windows updates. For Mac systems, please use Mac 0S 10.6 or later.  

Zenoti will work optimally with Windows machines using Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors. If your center deals with 100+ appointments a day, we recommend an i3 machine or higher for smooth operations.  

For optimal performance, we recommend a system with the following memory:

6 GB RAM for centers that manage 100+ appointments per day
8 - 16 GB RAM for centers that manage 200+ appointments a day.