Key features: November 2023 product release

These improvements are set to be available worldwide by November 15.
They cater to all businesses using Zenoti: salons, spas, medical spas, and fitness centers.

Gift Cards

Set up, promote, and sell gift cards seamlessly.  

Enjoy features like an onboarding wizard for easy setup, abandoned cart alerts, membership pricing for gift cards, and more. Additionally, we’ve improved the Webstore Gift Card Summary screen design: it’s less cluttered and provides better visibility into gift card reporting and analysis.


Look for these three notable improvements for your marketing:  

Goal-based marketing campaigns:

User-friendly workflows help streamline campaign creation: With just two clicks, you can launch goal-based always-on campaigns.  

Simplified feedback management:

It’s now easier to address guest feedback effortlessly with quick responses. Dashboards offer insights into review ratings, feedback distribution, and more.  

Marketing dashboard enhancements:

Dashboards now display abandoned services checkouts and abandoned gift card checkouts. Revenue-realized data also includes both services and gift card revenues.

Automated Dispute Management

Zenoti Payments now offers a dispute management system with an automatic submission feature.  

Here’s how it works: In the event of a dispute, Zenoti collects evidence and creates a defense document on your behalf. You can edit the document with extra details if needed and submit it within the defense period. If you choose not to take additional action, Zenoti will automatically submit the defense document at the end of the defense period.

Available for all Zenoti Payments customers.

Signals for Business Insights

Your dashboard now offers information on some of the features most important for your business.  

These insights are categorized into four types of “signals”: Value, Engagement, Adoption, and Growth.  

You can leverage these insights to make clear, well-informed decisions toward a more profitable and efficient business.  

The admin dashboard now also shows related benchmarking against similar businesses.


ezConnect customers can now use SMS broadcasting to share important updates with groups of clients in less than a minute.  

A significant time-saver over calling or messaging each individual client, SMS broadcasting makes it easy for businesses to send a broadcast text message with an element of personalization (macros) to a specific list of clients, in these situations:

  • Change in center hours: Quickly inform clients who have an appointment for a specific day about changes in operating hours.
  • Provider unavailability: Notify clients when a service provider is unavailable on a specific day and offer rescheduling options.
  • Unconfirmed appointments: Before a scheduled appointment, send an additional friendly reminder to guests who have not confirmed their visit.  

MyZen App – outside of the U.S.

The MyZen App is now available for service providers outside of the United States.  

Features include viewing and editing guest forms, tracking appointment history, upselling, and much more.

Welcome to a new era of operational efficiency and improved customer experience! For detailed information on the November enhancements, visit our support page.

What’s Upcoming this November from Zenoti

We at Zenoti are committed to enhancing our product features based on our continuous interactions with our customers across the verticals. Here’s a high-level overview of the features that you will be able to access from November (GA date to be added).

This November release of Zenoti makes your day-to-day operations much easier and helps you to personalize and improve your customer experiences. Be better prepared this Holiday Season for the customer rush with these new features.
As always, our focus is on Your Growth!

When will the features be available and how can I start using them?

Most new features for February will be available for Zenoti customers on February 15. A few may require additional configuration – please keep an eye on our help site for detailed product release notes.

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