For salons, spas, and medspas

Improved Ease of Use for Inventory

Get the perpetual average right in Inventory reporting

Hitherto, when you sold more than what's on hand (making the inventory quantity negative) and when stock was added to the system, the perpetual average cost was inflated, leading to incorrect reporting. We’ve updated the logic to display the right perpetual average to avoid this. With our updated formula, restocked products use the new batch's price, reflecting a realistic stock value. 

Flexibility to assign costs to products that are added via Audit:

While adding product quantities through audit workflow, you now have the flexibility to choose from various costing methods like perpetual average price, recent procurement price, configured purchase price, or set a custom price. Previously, only perpetual average was available.

These features are already enabled for all organizations by default. 

Drive more bookings for Day Packages

  • Until now, all-day packages were separately listed under “Day Packages" tab. From now on, you can assign and display day packages under relevant service categories on the webstore and appointment book bottom panel, for ex: Waxing day package under the Waxing service category, so you can easily find the right package. 
  • You can also sell day packages as part of series packages and let your guests redeem them through series packages. For ex, waxing day package can now be redeemed with full-body wax series package.
  • This will be available only after March 20th.  

Improved Usability of Products Listing Page

In the Product Master, we’ve added new functionalities to Products Listing page where you can  

  • Edit product attributes at the organizational or center level with in-line edits in a single click.
  • Filter products by category, sub-category, vendor, or brand.  
  • Effortlessly select and perform bulk actions on multiple products at once – impose restrictions, change status or more. Before this, all the actions had to be performed for each product.  
  • This will be available by default after March 20th for all users. 

Seamlessly Access Your Tableau Accounts

  • Up until now, users had to separately log in to Tableau using a different set of credentials. With this update, Analytics Plus users can now directly access their Tableau account from Zenoti. This not only improves ease of use but also improves security by automatically disabling access to Tableau in case employee profiles are deactivated/removed on Zenoti.
  • On March 15th, all existing Tableau credentials for publishers will be disabled. 

For Medspas

Drive bookings straight from Google

Medspas can now use Reserve with Google (previously restricted) to increase bookings directly from Google search traffic. Adding a "Book now" button to your Google profile makes it easier for clients to find and schedule appointments through Google Search.

Enhanced charting usability

  • Now easily access past charts with a click, ensuring a complete patient overview for error-free charting and treatment planning.  
  • Say goodbye to toggling between guest and service galleries. Access all medical files in a single, easy-to-use gallery and quickly get relevant files via the built-in filter.  
  • With newly added video file support, create patient charts with all treatment data (videos, images, PDFs) in one place.

Powerful functionalities in Photo Manager

  • Now, Photo Manager is also available on Android tablets.  
  • With the latest enhancements, you can click photos and add notes in a single workflow by launching the camera directly from Forms built on the Form Builder Tool.  
  • Easily edit photo names from within the gallery and update tags.
  • Announcement: Photo Manager is coming soon on mobiles via MyZen!  
  • Sign up for 30 free days of Photo Manager from the Zenoti Marketplace.

Other Enhancements for all verticals

  • Quickly summarize large amounts of data for your business with the newly added interactive capabilities to the Reports.    
  • Guests with credit amount-based memberships (bank memberships) can now purchase prepaid cards which in turn can be used to buy packages.   
  • Now send multi-media messages (MMS) to your guests to improve customer engagement. This is only limited to businesses in Canada and USA.  

When will the new features be available?

Most new features will be available to Zenoti businesses on February 28, 2024.  A few features may require additional configuration. For information, please keep an eye on our help site for detailed product release notes.

What’s Upcoming this November from Zenoti

We at Zenoti are committed to enhancing our product features based on our continuous interactions with our customers across the verticals. Here’s a high-level overview of the features that you will be able to access from November (GA date to be added).

This November release of Zenoti makes your day-to-day operations much easier and helps you to personalize and improve your customer experiences. Be better prepared this Holiday Season for the customer rush with these new features.
As always, our focus is on Your Growth!

When will the features be available and how can I start using them?

Most new features for February will be available for Zenoti customers on February 15. A few may require additional configuration – please keep an eye on our help site for detailed product release notes.

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