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What’s new: February 2023

The latest features in Zenoti can help you build a more efficient front desk and achieve higher revenue - because your success is our success.

Look for highlights and full details below.

Dynamic pricing for periods of high demand

Familiar with Uber’s high-demand pricing? Zenoti now features dynamic pricing that lets you increase the cost for popular providers during busy times – resulting in higher earnings for your business and increased commissions for high performers.

While new to the beauty and wellness industry, dynamic pricing is the perfect option for guests who will gladly pay a premium for services requested at the last minute.

A drag-and-drop clipboard for easier rescheduling

Making schedule adjustments can be a cumbersome task—but with an intuitive drag and drop feature, Zenoti makes it easy to move and reschedule appointments. Simply drag to an on-screen clipboard and adjust the appointment book as desired.

Your guests will spend less time waiting to confirm their bookings, and your front desk can move quickly and accurately.

Forms Review that makes MD sign-off easy

You work hard to ensure compliance and quality care at your medspa. But waiting for MDs to sign off on treatment records can be time consuming.

With Forms Review, doctors can access forms from anywhere, filter them by specific conditions (e.g., treatments or missing signatures), then view and sign them in bulk rather than one by one. Plus, a progress bar highlights the percentage of forms reviewed.

More flexible service durations

Because some guest services will require longer or shorter durations, Zenoti now helps you tailor the experience and fill your appointment slots in a realistic way. For greater convenience, you can also save adjusted service durations for all future bookings. Guests enjoy greater satisfaction, and you enjoy smoother, more accurate scheduling—with no appointment overlaps.

Complete before-and-after photo management

Zenoti will soon include built-in photo management features that consistently capture before-and-after images, showcase treatment progress, and simplify reviews and analysis. Gridlines and photo ghosting ensure optimal photo alignment, while additional functionality helps you capture and save photos directly from your appointment book. No other tools are necessary.

For added convenience, watch for the ability to tag photos before saving them to the image gallery—and then filter by tags, services, face angle, and other parameters.

This feature is currently under Beta testing and will be available to all customers in Q2 2023.

Behavior-based marketing communications

Want to see how guests responded to your last marketing communication? Now, Zenoti helps you target guests based on their engagement behaviors in previous campaigns. You’ll see who opted in or out of messages while ensuring your text/SMS campaigns include either a macro or a warning/block/ignore option.

Additionally, it’s now a snap to purchase SMS and email credits and use them immediately. No delays—just results.

Improved queue management

Need a better way to highlight walk-ins, call-ahead and online guests, and wait time? Queue View gives you all that and more, with a more intuitive look and feel, the ability to see more guests at a time on your screen, and added operational data for all your important queue processes.

Easier data transfer

If you manage 50 or fewer centers and you’re running incremental data cycles multiple times a day, now Zenoti makes it even easier to copy data to your local data warehouse through S3 buckets.

Additional administrative improvements

Zone/center-specific membership redemption

Now you can help members redeem their benefits in any center. With the latest Zenoti functionality, you can choose to override your organizational setting, define your own membership redemption range, and even sell similar memberships at a premium within a determined range of redemption.

Shopify support for gift card redemption

Get the most from your gift card sales with new Shopify support in Zenoti. When guests redeem a gift card, the balance will be adjusted in Shopify. Need to refund a gift card? The gift card will also be disabled in Shopify. It’s simple, convenient, and flexible.

Customer mobile app enhancements for fitness

Workshop support

Today’s guests prefer fitness centers with an omnichannel presence. Thanks to Zenoti, you can now offer guests the convenience of booking workshops directly from their mobile device. To enable, just make each workshop a non-recurring event happening over a day or create multiple sessions on different days.

Late-fee waiver support for classes

Now’s the perfect time to make memberships more attractive by waiving cancellation and no-show fees. This functionality is now supported in Zenoti, allowing guests with active memberships to enjoy additional benefits—and motivating new membership purchases.

Ready to use these new features?

These new features will be rolled out starting February 15. Some features may require additional configuration – contact your CSM if you need assistance.

For a full list of new features and enhancements, click on one of the options below.

What’s Upcoming this November from Zenoti

We at Zenoti are committed to enhancing our product features based on our continuous interactions with our customers across the verticals. Here’s a high-level overview of the features that you will be able to access from November (GA date to be added).

This November release of Zenoti makes your day-to-day operations much easier and helps you to personalize and improve your customer experiences. Be better prepared this Holiday Season for the customer rush with these new features.
As always, our focus is on Your Growth!

When will the features be available and how can I start using them?

Most new features for February will be available for Zenoti customers on February 15. A few may require additional configuration – please keep an eye on our help site for detailed product release notes.

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