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Today’s barber shops are stepping up their game with a wider array of services and guest experiences. They need an all-in-one barber shop appointment software platform that keeps up.

With Zenoti, you can manage everything from employee schedules to mobile POS to marketing campaigns. You’ll also deliver a better waitlist or walk-in experience, all from one platform.

Thanks to the power of AI, Zenoti also can predict future openings, fill scheduling gaps, and send text reminders – helping you spend more time with your guests.

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Streamline your front desk

With Zenoti mobile-first technology, guests can check in, pay, and rebook right from their phone.

“Letting our guests manage their own appointments from start to finish has been a huge benefit for us. We’ve eliminated front desk lines and the phone doesn’t ring as much, so our team can focus 100% on taking care of guests in the chair.”

Jayson Rapaport, Co-Founder, Birds Barbershop

Keep your talent and grow your business

Give your team real-time insights on their rebookings and upsells, the convenience of quick tips payout, and fewer admin tasks—across one or many locations.

  • Customized Reporting
  • Payroll and Tips
  • Barber and Guest Apps
  • Waitlist Management
  • AI-powered Scheduling
  • Payment Integrations
  • Automated Marketing

More than a scheduling solution

Break free from the status quo with a platform that makes your single-point applications redundant. Zenoti simplifies your day-to-day operations and supports you at every step.

  • Fill more chairs, even on slow days
  • Manage your schedule anytime, anywhere
  • Delight your guests at every touchpoint

Higher revenue, lower frustration

With Zenoti, leading barber shops are using seamless payment integration, self-service booking, and membership management — with over $62,000 additional revenue from self-service booking alone.

In addition to streamlining tasks like payroll, reporting, and employee scheduling, Zenoti helps grow your business with automated marketing, digital gift cards, and add-on opportunities right from the chair.

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increase in online bookings



increased membership payments




increase in online bookings



increased membership payments


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best barber shop software?

Guests today demand greater flexibility, convenience, and 24/7 booking capabilities from their barber. The best barber shop software solutions fill these expectations while providing real-time insights that increase business performance and efficiency. The right software platform also makes every operational task from billing to inventory management reliable and easy.

What barber shop management software is right for my business?

Most barber shop management software allows for appointment booking and POS. But for greatest impact, look for an all-in-one solution instead of a one-point booking or POS software for your barber shop. Ask yourself what additional features will help you grow your business — like customized reports on performance data, automated marketing, and low-stress payroll and tips management. The right platform will reduce admin overload, improve efficiency, and help grow your revenue.

How can I manage my barber shop successfully?

Choosing software for a barber shop is one thing. Using it to successfully manage your business is another. Think of your top goals, and then pay attention to ways that your software might alleviate the biggest pain points like reporting, payroll, employee scheduling, marketing, staff retention, and guest experience. Is your current barber shop booking software reducing your frustrations or adding to them? The right solution will make all these processes easy and lighten your load.

What’s the average cost of barber shop software?

While pricing is a real consideration, don’t underestimate the value of a partner with an insider view of your industry. Someone who fully understands your most pressing issues will also know how you can achieve a meaningful ROI. Most software tools offer a tiered pricing model based on the number of desired features and licenses. To avoid surprises, ask your preferred vendor if they charge a base fee and an implementation fee on top of any recurring costs.

"Boardroom is growing. Meeting inevitable growth challenges in today’s world means an advanced technological solution capable of simplifying the complex. Zenoti does just that. It’s designed for enterprise-level salons like ours, so we know we’ve found the technology partner we need as we continue to grow."

Bruce Schultz

CEO, Boardroom Salon for Men

"So we chose to go with Zenoti because of the features that it has. The elevated guest experience that I find that our clients are loving is the ability with the mobile app to book appointments online 24/7. It was wonderful with Zenoti being able to get a branded Katrina's Skinworks app. The fact that it's completely integrated with the system has just made my life and the life of our clients so much easier."

Katrina Gilligan

Owner, Katrinas Skin Works

"Opening a new business can be scary but the support of the Zenoti team has been significant in launching our med spa. Online instant support assists with any immediate inquiries I may have along with [a dedicated] Senior Customer Success Manager meeting with me to discuss any features or additional questions I may have, which ensures the workflow our our office remains consistent and steady."

Ashley Bajorek

Owner, Élan Med Spa

"This is a really convenient booking platform. It's equipped with so many features. The 24 hour support team is so helpful and always provides some type of solution/answer to help guide me in understanding how to get the most out of Zenoti and help our business grow."

Lyndsey Ancheta

Owner, Cinta Aveda Institute