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Set yourself up for salon success

It takes a lot to run a successful salon. First, you treat guests like VIPs. You also find ways to streamline your daily admin tasks and keep your stylists happy. Zenoti helps you do it all.

With Zenoti, you can manage guest information, employee scheduling, online booking, invoices and payments, and every other business operation — all in one place. No more single-process software.

Whether you’re viewing real-time information on product sales or generating payment reports, Zenoti is the salon manager software that gives you a single source of truth across every location.

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Measure progress in real time

Zenoti gathers performance data and creates relevant reports in minutes, not hours.

"The custom report is literally the best way to measure my team. It’s fast and accurate, with everything we need in one place. Honestly, it’s the best report I’ve ever used. Thank you, Zenoti, for making my life easy!"

Bronwyn Illingworth
Managing Director, Toni&Guy NZ

Maximize revenue and earning potential

Use Zenoti to integrate growth opportunities like upsells, add-ons, and gift cards into your online booking—along with AI-informed scheduling that maximizes every opportunity for your stylists.

  • Revenue Strategies
  • Intuitive Scheduling
  • Employee App
  • Centralized Payroll
  • Tips/Commissions Insights
  • Performance Tracking

Efficiency + growth

Create a high-efficiency, high-revenue operation no matter the size of your salon with Zenoti.

  • Automate admin tasks and spend more time with guests
  • Create a frictionless guest experience from booking to final payment
  • Recover lost guests with targeted marketing campaigns

reduction in no shows



higher average ticket size




reduction in no shows



higher average ticket size



revenue from lost guests


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best salon management software?

The answer to this question largely depends on your goals. A multi-location franchise will need different things from a software solution than a single salon. That said, the best salon management software should align with your goals, solve the biggest issues you face, and automate most of the work you now do by hand, especially appointment booking, marketing, and payments. The right software will offer intelligent scheduling that makes the most of your slow days and helps you maximize revenue. Most importantly, high-value salon management software will free up your time so you can give your guests the attention they deserve.

Should I buy additional salon inventory management software?

The short answer is no. Regardless of the size of your salon, your all-in-one salon software platform can easily manage inventory, track SKUs in your stockroom, report on best-selling products, manage your webstore, and let you know when it’s time to re-stock. A robust solution will take care of all back-end needs, including inventory. No need to purchase additional salon inventory management software.

Is salon employee management software different from all-in-one salon software?

This depends on how software vendors define their technology. Some may market specifically to the employee experience; however, most salon software can also manage guest experience and back-end tasks. As you research salon employee management software, talk with your preferred vendor about how their product will help you manage your staff and do all the other things you need it to do.

How easy to use is software for salon management?

Software for salon management is like any new technology: it comes with a learning curve. Once implemented, your software solution should create a frictionless experience for both staff members and guests, with an intuitive customer mobile app and employee app, a fluid POS system, automated scheduling, and seamless business operations that let your stylists spend more time helping guests in the chair and less time dealing with admin headaches.

Is my system compatible with the Zenoti platform?

Zenoti Mobile applications will run on Apple devices (iPhone 7 and later, iPod Touch 7th generation, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad Mini 4 and later, iPad Pro 2nd generation and later, with iOS 13 and later) and Android 10 and later devices (all smartphones and tablets of 8 inches and above and a 4GB RAM + 32 GB ROM and above). We recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. Please note that Amazon Fire tablets are not currently supported.

In terms of browser compatibility, Zenoti currently supports Google Chrome (version 92 or later), Mozilla Firefox (version 90 or later), Safari for Mac (version 13 or later), and Microsoft Edge (version 95 or later). If you set up credit card processing integrations with any provider other than Zenoti Payments, we recommend disabling any auto-update features for that browser and any dependent technology (like Java). We do not recommend using either Internet Explorer or Opera.

Please use Windows 10 (or above) operating systems with the latest Windows updates. For Mac systems, please use Mac 0S 10.6 or later.

Zenoti will work optimally with Windows machines using Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors. If your center deals with 100+ appointments a day, we recommend an i3 machine or higher for smooth operations.

For optimal performance, we recommend a system with the following memory:

  • 6 GB RAM for centers that manage 100+ appointments per day
  • 8 - 16 GB RAM for centers that manage 200+ appointments a day.

"Boardroom is growing. Meeting inevitable growth challenges in today’s world means an advanced technological solution capable of simplifying the complex. Zenoti does just that. It’s designed for enterprise-level salons like ours, so we know we’ve found the technology partner we need as we continue to grow."

Bruce Schultz

CEO, Boardroom Salon for Men

"So we chose to go with Zenoti because of the features that it has. The elevated guest experience that I find that our clients are loving is the ability with the mobile app to book appointments online 24/7. It was wonderful with Zenoti being able to get a branded Katrina's Skinworks app. The fact that it's completely integrated with the system has just made my life and the life of our clients so much easier."

Katrina Gilligan

Owner, Katrinas Skin Works

"Opening a new business can be scary but the support of the Zenoti team has been significant in launching our med spa. Online instant support assists with any immediate inquiries I may have along with [a dedicated] Senior Customer Success Manager meeting with me to discuss any features or additional questions I may have, which ensures the workflow our our office remains consistent and steady."

Ashley Bajorek

Owner, Élan Med Spa

"This is a really convenient booking platform. It's equipped with so many features. The 24 hour support team is so helpful and always provides some type of solution/answer to help guide me in understanding how to get the most out of Zenoti and help our business grow."

Lyndsey Ancheta

Owner, Cinta Aveda Institute