The complete end-to-end solution for nearly 30,000 businesses across 50 countries

Never be stuck to a front desk PC again

You don’t need a big desktop, countless cables, and peripherals to run your salon efficiently. Zenoti POS runs perfectly across multiple devices – from smartphones and tablets, to computers.

Drive satisfaction on both sides of the front desk with a salon terminal designed for seamless, efficient service for guests and staff.

Cater to all guests with multiple payment options including card, contactless, saved cards, and app-based payments.

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Improve guest and staff satisfaction with one, simple upgrade

Award-winning UK salon group Andrew Collinge introduced Zenoti to modernize operations across their six salons:

“We have been using Zenoti for a couple of years and found that it has enhanced both the operational running of our salon and also our clients' experience.”

Andrew Collinge
CEO, Andrew Collinge

A flexible salon POS for modern convenience

  • POS access throughout the salon
  • Use on smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Self check-in and check-out via guest smartphones
  • Self-service appointments via a front desk tablet
  • Multiple digital payment options

Simplicity that drives revenue

  • Give providers POS access from the chair
  • Offer seamless check-in and check-out
  • Reduce your hardware costs

Easy-to-use salon POS hardware for an efficient front desk

With Zenoti POS for salons, front desk staff and stylists can manage sales and appointments from tablets and smartphones, anywhere on the premises.

Ensure no guest has to wait in line with a salon point of sale that offers self check-in, self check-out, and quick, touchless payments.

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Drive revenue effortlessly

24% increase in sales

US, 17 locations

Provide safety and convenience

100% cashless business

US, 10 locations

24% increase in sales

Drive revenue effortlessly

US, 17 locations

100% cashless business

Provide safety and convenience

US, 10 locations

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Zenoti billing & payments be useful for salon owners?

Zenoti billing and payments is your one-stop solution to accept and process payments for a wide variety of products and services. Our POS for beauty salons and hair salons allows you to generate error-free invoices and process payments for transactions in-store, online, or via a mobile app. Beyond simple transactions, you’ll get enhanced payment features such as an integrated deposit report, dispute management, and saving payment methods within guest profiles. The fully PCI-compliant system is fast, reliable, and secure – and offered with transparent pricing and no-commitment contracts.

What are the different payment options available with Zenoti?

The system offers convenience and peace of mind for your guests with a range of secure payment options. Dip transactions, credit cards, gift cards and vouchers, plus smartphone-based payment systems such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, all work seamlessly and effortlessly on the platform. Zenoti nail salon POS and hair salon POS support both in-store and online payments. You can even process payments through your own, branded salon mobile app.

Does the Zenoti billing and payments app charge for refunds?

Zenoti billing and payments comes with a complete, transparent pricing mechanism: The app charges a fixed fee for every transaction that is processed through the system. Credit cards, charge cards, gift vouchers, Apple Pay, and Android Pay – all platforms have a standard transaction fee and generally, no transaction is charged twice. Should any transaction have to be credited back to the client, Zenoti does not charge any processing fee. As a result, your guest gets their full amount refunded.

Is my system compatible with the Zenoti platform?

Zenoti Mobile applications will run on Apple devices (iPhone 7 and later, iPod Touch 7th generation, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad Mini 4 and later, iPad Pro 2nd generation and later, with iOS 13 and later) and Android 10 and later devices (all smartphones and tablets of 8 inches and above and a 4GB RAM + 32 GB ROM and above). We recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. Please note that Amazon Fire tablets are not currently supported.

In terms of browser compatibility, Zenoti currently supports Google Chrome (version 92 or later), Mozilla Firefox (version 90 or later), Safari for Mac (version 13 or later), and Microsoft Edge (version 95 or later). If you set up credit card processing integrations with any provider other than Zenoti Payments, we recommend disabling any auto-update features for that browser and any dependent technology (like Java). We do not recommend using either Internet Explorer or Opera.

Please use Windows 10 (or above) operating systems with the latest Windows updates. For Mac systems, please use Mac 0S 10.6 or later.

Zenoti will work optimally with Windows machines using Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors. If your center deals with 100+ appointments a day, we recommend an i3 machine or higher for smooth operations.

For optimal performance, we recommend a system with the following memory:

  • 6 GB RAM for centers that manage 100+ appointments per day
  • 8 - 16 GB RAM for centers that manage 200+ appointments a day.

How can my salon point of sale improve the guest experience?

Guests come to your salon to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The last thing they want is to wait in line as they enter and exit the salon. The right hair salon POS will improve your front desk’s efficiency by giving them quick access to all the tools they need for seamless check-ins and check-outs. With salon POS from Zenoti, you can even let guests bypass the front desk entirely: Give stylists the option to check in and check out guests from the chair, or let guests manage the process from their own mobile phone (think Uber, but for salons).

"Boardroom is growing. Meeting inevitable growth challenges in today’s world means an advanced technological solution capable of simplifying the complex. Zenoti does just that. It’s designed for enterprise-level salons like ours, so we know we’ve found the technology partner we need as we continue to grow."

Bruce Schultz

CEO, Boardroom Salon for Men

"So we chose to go with Zenoti because of the features that it has. The elevated guest experience that I find that our clients are loving is the ability with the mobile app to book appointments online 24/7. It was wonderful with Zenoti being able to get a branded Katrina's Skinworks app. The fact that it's completely integrated with the system has just made my life and the life of our clients so much easier."

Katrina Gilligan

Owner, Katrinas Skin Works

"Opening a new business can be scary but the support of the Zenoti team has been significant in launching our med spa. Online instant support assists with any immediate inquiries I may have along with [a dedicated] Senior Customer Success Manager meeting with me to discuss any features or additional questions I may have, which ensures the workflow our our office remains consistent and steady."

Ashley Bajorek

Owner, Élan Med Spa

"This is a really convenient booking platform. It's equipped with so many features. The 24 hour support team is so helpful and always provides some type of solution/answer to help guide me in understanding how to get the most out of Zenoti and help our business grow."

Lyndsey Ancheta

Owner, Cinta Aveda Institute