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Optimize your appointment book effortlessly

Replicate your best receptionist by letting software do all the work. You get a fully optimized appointment book with:

  • No gaps
  • Booking priority rules honored
  • Services booked in the right order

Optimizing the appointment book will mean different things to different salon types. Appointment scheduling software for hair salons, for instance, should allow the option of two different providers for color and finishing. Let’s say a senior stylist does the first and a junior does the second. With intelligent software, you can optimize staff time and tip distribution.

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Take in more appointments without phone calls

When your front desk is closed, online booking is there so guests can self-serve in the middle of the night, or anytime, really.

"Previously, we had to do everything manually from a booking standpoint, and it directly impacted our ability to fill those books and be efficient in the number of appointments that we could take in. And now, just like that, the software can figure that out for us."

Jyoti Lynch
Chief Information Officer, European Wax Center

Use just one system for a single location or hundreds of salons

Can you easily add new centers in your salon scheduling software? If not, it’s time to switch to a scalable system that will grow with your salon business or franchise. Look for:

  • Multi-channel booking: in-store, online, and mobile
  • Booking by room and provider name/type
  • Elimination of duplicated services
  • Alternate location suggestions
  • 2-tap rebooking
  • Booking rule customization

Seamless scheduling is a beautiful thing

Keep staff and guests happy with salon schedule software that fits your business.

  • Centralize scheduling with a cloud-based platform.
  • Elevate the guest experience with online and mobile booking.
  • Reduce no-shows through automated guest communications.

Need help choosing salon schedule software?

Find a system that’s easy for everyone to use.

  • Give your receptionist color-coded views of appointment status (booked, arrived, checked out, and more).
  • Give guests a one-page booking experience and 2-tap rebooking.
  • Give managers a single point of access for multiple locations.

And give yourself a pat on the back for finding salon appointment scheduling software that checks all the boxes.

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Appointment book optimization

60% online booking rate


Booking Wizard capability

208 appointments per hour


60% online booking rate

Appointment book optimization


208 appointments per hour

Booking Wizard capability


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when choosing salon schedule software?

  1. Look for a cloud native. That’s another way of saying the software platform was built for the cloud. Zenoti is 100% cloud-based, with 99.9% uptime. Avoid cloud versions of desktop systems as they tend to be unstable.  
  1. Salon appointment scheduling software should support in-store, online, and mobile booking. In-store booking is for your reception desk. With online and mobile booking, guests can make their own appointments.
  1. Ask if it’s customizable. Find a software platform that fits your business. Appointment scheduling software for hair salons, for instance, should avoid service duplication like Zenoti does. A customer who booked a color and a cut doesn’t need a blowout after each. Less intelligent systems add two blowouts to the appointment book, leading to gaps and poor staff utilization.

Is my system compatible with the Zenoti platform?

Zenoti Mobile applications will run on Apple and Android systems. See the list of supported devices for details. Additionally, check out Zenoti hardware and software requirements for more information on browser and system compatibility.

What is salon scheduling software?

The appointment book is all important for beauty and wellness businesses. With salon scheduling software, such businesses can easily record and revise guest appointments. The customer-facing side of appointment scheduling software for salons consists of online and mobile booking so guests can self-serve round the clock.

How will salon schedule software benefit my business?

You’ll get time back in your day from less busy work. With online and mobile booking, guests can self-serve anytime, reducing calls for your front desk. Salon scheduling software also offers advantages like greater accuracy, an easily managed appointment book, and better staff utilization.

"Boardroom is growing. Meeting inevitable growth challenges in today’s world means an advanced technological solution capable of simplifying the complex. Zenoti does just that. It’s designed for enterprise-level salons like ours, so we know we’ve found the technology partner we need as we continue to grow."

Bruce Schultz

CEO, Boardroom Salon for Men

"So we chose to go with Zenoti because of the features that it has. The elevated guest experience that I find that our clients are loving is the ability with the mobile app to book appointments online 24/7. It was wonderful with Zenoti being able to get a branded Katrina's Skinworks app. The fact that it's completely integrated with the system has just made my life and the life of our clients so much easier."

Katrina Gilligan

Owner, Katrinas Skin Works

"Opening a new business can be scary but the support of the Zenoti team has been significant in launching our med spa. Online instant support assists with any immediate inquiries I may have along with [a dedicated] Senior Customer Success Manager meeting with me to discuss any features or additional questions I may have, which ensures the workflow our our office remains consistent and steady."

Ashley Bajorek

Owner, Élan Med Spa

"This is a really convenient booking platform. It's equipped with so many features. The 24 hour support team is so helpful and always provides some type of solution/answer to help guide me in understanding how to get the most out of Zenoti and help our business grow."

Lyndsey Ancheta

Owner, Cinta Aveda Institute