A look at the latest trends driving revenue

After a year of slower growth across the industry, knowing which tactics boost collections is imperative. Explore key revenue trends in memberships, gift card sales, packages, and more.

Benchmark data specific to your business

We’ve expanded this year’s categories to seven: salons, barbershops, nail studios, membership-based spas, non-membership spas, medical spas, and waxing centers.

The correlation between access and success

The highest-earning businesses across the industry (the top 10%) also have the highest rates of online booking and timely rebooking – they put scheduling access in their customers’ hands.

A swell of upsell

Did you know that 15% of the industry’s overall revenue comes from in-person upselling? See which business categories do it best and what it takes to drive more money per appointment.

“Reporting with Zenoti is helpful not only to teach our franchisees and studios how to look at their business, but for us to really understand benchmarking and what averages look like and how we're growing.”

Alia Alston
Founder and CEO
Icebox Cryotherapy Studios

Unlock access today

The 2024 Beauty and Wellness Benchmark Report includes data on the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) related to revenue and provider performance.

Get your copy now. By day’s end, you’ll know more about your business.

  • Explore three levels of benchmark data: top earners (top 10% of the industry), high achievers (top 25%), and the average-performing business
  • See the key growth tactic for each business category – and the fastest-growing new revenue channel
  • Get comprehensive data on annual revenue, per-ticket value, package sales, and more.
  • See the key growth tactic for each business category – and the fastest-growing new revenue channel.
  • Check recommendations that can boost your 2024 revenue growth and talent retention.
  • Discover two key low-cost acquisition channels every salon, spa, and medspa must have.
Yours for the taking: The 2024 Beauty and Wellness Benchmark Report.

Our personal consultants can help compare your data to current benchmarks and share steps you can take to drive growth at your business. Request your consultation here.

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