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Massage Heights provides excellent massage and skin therapy to customers for happier and healthier lives. In 171 locations across the United States, Massage Heights continues to grow! The nationwide brand partners with Zenoti to meet growth challenges with powerful technology capable of centralizing vital data across locations.

Massage Heights provides excellent massage and skin therapy to customers for happier and healthier lives. In 171 locations across the United States, Massage Heights continues to grow! The nationwide brand partners with Zenoti to meet growth challenges with powerful technology capable of centralizing vital data across locations.

Waxing the City provides best-in-class waxing services with a highly experienced team of "Cerologists" across 35 states in the USA. Zenoti empowers the renowned brand with an all-in-one solution and seamless booking and rebooking experiences for customers.

Not many operations have an all-inclusive suite of tools to be able to support our business. The one thing about Zenoti, with smart marketing, gives us the ability to build campaigns and reach our consumers in a very personalized way.

With 10 locations in the Seattle area, Gene Juarez is highly reputed and an industry standout. Gene Juarez trusts Zenoti with advance solutions that cater to thier tech-savy clients. With an all new personalized mobile application and cashless payment system, Gene Juarez elevates guest experiences and increases employee confidence

Gene Juarez Salons & Spas Partner with Zenoti For Post-COVID Solutions
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"With over 790 centers across the United States, European Wax Center provides guests with a first-class waxing experience with help of the most professionally trained estheticians in the industry. European Wax Center partnered with Zenoti to have a robust, all-in-one system, and intuitive user interface that allows franchise owners to fully leverage technology across their business, and equips franchise owners with fully integrated marketing system. "

European Wax Center Selects Zenoti to Help Fuel Growth and Expansion
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Profile by Sandford is a comprehensive weight management program. With over 160 locations spread across the United States, Profile by Sanford provides a weight loss program which is simple, effective, and a sustainable solution. Profile by Sanford partnered with Zenoti to implement an all-new recurring monthly membership model that makes their clients more engaged and motivated towards their weight loss goals. Supported by Zenoti's robust reporting, Profile by Sanford can drive business results and multiply its brand loyalty in the community.

Once we found Zenoti, we were actually able to change our membership model. Prior to Zenoti We only offered annual memberships because we didn't have the capability to do recurring monthly memberships. So after we found Zenoti, we quickly within a month or so, were rolling out a new membership based model that was actually better for members. And it's also better for all of our local franchise owners at the unit level economics. It's very efficient. You're able to log into Zenoti anywhere. So it's really nice to be a login and see all of your reporting on any computer that you log into.

Tricoci is a trendsetter that operates 15 high-performing salons and day spas in the Chicago area. As one of the most complex and luxury salon operations in the country, By centralizing operations in Zenoti, Tricoci headquarters can now manage and report on all of their salons and spas from any location.

Mario Tricoci Partners With Zenoti Software, Re-Defining the Luxury Salon Experience
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Boardroom Salon for Men pioneered the premiere grooming industry for men and now serves customers from 41 locations across six states. They lead the industry with a refreshing approach on the traditional barbershop making them stand out from competitors. With Zenoti, Boardroom Salon for Men meets growth challenges with innovative solutions that seamlessly complement its service model, while enhancing customer experiences.

Boardroom Salon For Men® Partners With Zenoti For Enterprise-Class Solutions
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With eleven global salons spanning from New York to Tokyo, Warren Tricomi delivers the ultimate luxury haircare experience. Zenoti’s Smart Marketing has been a game-changer for the brand by delivering real-time strategic insights into customer behaviors.

With eleven global salons spanning from New York to Tokyo, Warren Tricomi delivers the ultimate luxury haircare experience. Zenoti’s Smart Marketing has been a game-changer for the brand by delivering real-time strategic insights into customer behaviors.

MGM resorts is visited by guests all over the world who look for for superior hospitality services that consistently exceeds expecations. The spa and salon cater to both men and women providing world class services. MGM trusts Zenoti with its online booking system that eases booking for its guests and increases it front desk productivity by 40% thereby providing an exceptional guest experience.

Amazing. Best partner I have had. I like my project manager the most. She is very responsive. Understands our business and provides good options for us to consider. The system is very easy to use, to train, and has many functions in one software: POS, Marketing, Inventory. Great variety of reports, wish there was more ease in reports at the org level' - Tammi Furce , Corporate Director Recreation
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Based in Detroit, Massage Green provides a luxury everyone can afford. With over 52 locations Massage Green provides its guests a convenient, affordable and relaxing experience. To capitalize on the growing market demand and achieve aggressive expansion goals, Massage Green adopted Zenoti to meet their franchisors’ needs and help them succeed in the industry.

Massage Green Fuels Business Expansion With Zenoti
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With more than 23 clinics, Skin Laundary's revolutionary laser facials are available globally in the US, London Hong Kong, and soon to be Dubai. Their vibes are relaxed and friendly and the service is medical-grade. After taking a dig at building their own solution, Skin Laundary decided to siwtch to Zenoti reducing their technology costs down to 50% and having a solution that can scale with their growing business.

Skin Laundry Plans for Expansion Opportunities with Zenoti
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For more than 21 years, Indira's unparalleled service made it a much-beloved salon and spa in the Chicago area. Zenoti helps elevate Indira's exceptional service by connecting customers on-the-go through seamless technology.

One of the features we really utilize is two-way texting with the guest and the team. If we have a cancellation or a no-show we can actually text the next guest as ask them if they would prefer to come a little bit earlier. A lot of time we are able to fill those gaps and keeps our books really efficient

Based in Australia, Cosmetic Skin Therapies’ network of 50 franchises delivers convenient, safe, and affordable cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic Skin Therapies partnered with Zenoti for all-in-one software that offers a powerful mobile app perfect for their business model.

The power of the mobile app is almost like its been tailor-made for our business… the fact that [business owners/service providers] can go in a treatment room, take the iPad with them, do everything they need to do, including payment… is a God-send go our franchisees.”

Founded in 2001, skoah provides trademark facials and powerful skincare products in Canada and the United States. Zenoti ensures skoah’s web-based reservation system and retail product demand operates seamlessly. Powered by Zenoti since 2014, skoah plans on exponential growth in the next several years.

"We have been working with Zenoti since 2014, we've experienced near 100% uptime so that in itself is incredible! They were the only web-based reservation system that was really able to meet our retail product needs and also the backend inventory management. We expect to have 250 facial shops open in the next several years and I think Zenoti is a key part of the growth plan."

OrangeTwist provides advanced non-invasive treatments for the body, face, and skin in 10 locations across the United States. Zenoti helps the respected med-spa deliver consistent experiences across locations with powerful technology that brings all centers on one platform for simple monitoring.

We decided to move to Zenoti for the simple fact that it has a business platform, dashboards, way that our entire consistency for our company so all centers are on one platform. At any given time I can go on and I can see exactly what we are doing at the centers.

InSpa offers customers a full list of spa services, providing convenient and consistent experiences across 11 locations in the United States. InSpa trusts Zenoti to reduce administrative costs and boost revenue while helping create experiences that keep customers coming back.

It became mission critical for us to pick the right POS system. Zenoti stood out front and foremost to us for a number of reasons. First for me personally I wanted a company that had my same personaly goals that were entrepreneurial, wanted to increase revenue and reduce cost and I felt like they have always been a vendor partner with us.

PROSE creates an elevated member and guest experience in a transformative nail salon boutique setting. PROSE relies on Zenoti's innovative technology to enhance experiences at every interaction, from booking to check-out.

Technology is absolutely critical to build a profitable and sustainable business. One of the things that needed to prove true early on for Prose to be successful was to pick an excellent technology partner and we believe that we found that with Zenoti. I completely knew that Zenoti not only was aligned with our values and compatibility checked right but what I was most passionate about was their mentality at Zenoti around innovation.

Face Gym’s services disrupted the beauty and wellness industry, taking the skincare market by storm. Founded in 2016 and boasting 11 locations worldwide, Face Gym depends on Zenoti to easily access vital analytics across centers for smarter management decisions.

When I first arrived at Face gym we were using external consultants to be able to manipulate our data.I decided to take a different strategic direction and work with Zenoti because I thought that they were the people that understood data better. They were fast in terms of delivering reports but fast also when I asked them questions and were proactive.

Dermani Medspa empowers customers with confidence by delivering non-invasive procedures in six locations in the United States. The respected medspa relies on Zenoti to seamlessly power its membership-based model, ensuring customers can access their membership across locations.

We chose Zenoti because of the robust features that they had. We are a membership-based program, people would want to use that membership at multiple locations. Zenoti actually enables us to do that, other systems were just clunky.

SkinStation’s trailblazing approach uses science and technology to deliver exceptional service to customers. Zenoti ensures SkinStation meets growth ambitions with all-in-one software that matches its innovative approach to skincare – innovative technology that simplifies complex operations.

“Zenoti software is the perfect fit for SkinStation’s growth strategy. Zenoti has improved every aspect of our operations.”

With over 16 locations in Australia Epic Hair Designs is a luxury hairdressing salon that inspire others to enjoy unbridled services, with expertly trained stylists at affordable prices. With Zenoti’s robust client relationship management system and business reporting Epic Hair Designs creates lasting guest experiences.

I think one of the first things that made us choose Zenoti was their Client Relationship Management System. It helps us keep in contact with our clients. So, if we are having a slow week it will realize that we are having a slow week and will send out emails and text messages to our clients automatically.

With a unique pinup vibe, Bombshell Beauty exists to provide innovative and affordable services with ceaseless attention to every little detail. Zenoti empowers Bombshell Beauty with its robust cloud based system & client communication features that helps them to be in touch with guests on the go.

There are many features such as the business to client connect where we can directly text our clients to keep that constant commutation which has been extraordinarily helpful. The great thing about texting with Zenoti is the fact that we can communicate with our clients on demand. There is no lag of leaving voice message or waiting for someone to pick up their phone. It keeps us in complete contact with them weather they need to let us know if they are running late or need to reschedule the business to client connect feature has been extraordinarily beneficial.

As the largest nationwide spa chain in India, O2 spa serves more than 1500 guests every day with its massage, aromotherapy and reflexology services. O2 spa trusts Zenoti to manage its huge client base that also allows them to customise offers for customer segments with help of Zenoti's marketing capabilities.

"We realized the value-add that Zenoti brings to the table at both spa and corporate level. This helped us adopt Zenoti's spa software at all our locations. Zenoti's marketing module helped O2 spas understand and customize offers for their customers" - says Ritesh Reddy Mastipuram, Managing Director, O2 spas

Oliva clinics revealed that they love Zenoti because it makes things easy for the business. They were looking for software that optimized business operation. Zenoti's customized medspa software made work easier for the front desk. It helped save 16 hours every month allowing managers to focus on things that really move the needle of their business.

"I love Zenoti because it makes things easy for our business. Zenoti easily saves our managers 16 hours every month. That's 2 extra days for us to focus on things that really move the needle of our business."" - Pallavi, Head of Support & Quality Control, Oliva Clinics.

The genesis of this global beauty chain can be traced to the pioneering steps of a single man - Jean Claude Binguine who added beauty to passion. Being a 150 million euro global chain of salons and spas, today, Jean Claude Binguine becomes one of the leading French beauty spanned across 20 countries with 400 salons and spas. And in India it boasts of 18 established salons across 3 metros: Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune. With 300 trained stylists, make-up artists and therapists Jean Claude Biguine caters to the beauty needs of 15,000 customers every month.

"Zenoti is a wonderful platform for salons. As a customer-obsessed brand, we heavily rely on features that Zenoti provides like quick customer look-up, their preferences, alerts, etc that make it easy to personalize every interaction and recommend services for each customer" - said Samir Srivastav, CEO, Jean Claude Biguine.

Sanghavi Brands has 70+ Spa/Salon/Gym Partnerships Across the World signed and over 20 locations operational in India, Indian Ocean, Middle East and USA. Sanghavi Brands adopts luxury spa and salon management in India with its presence in around 12 Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Goa, Chennai, Pune, Gulmarg, Manali, Jhillai and Mussoorie. Adopting effective beauty spa and salon management in India, all spas or salons operated by Sanghavi Brands are in luxurious locations in hotels, standalone buildings, real estate developments and in malls.

"Zenoti has been part of our growth story right from the beginning. I remember meeting Sudheer four years ago when we were just one spa hold and we talked about bringing Zenoti into L’OCCITANE spa. Since then Zenoti is in all our locations and what's very exciting now is that Zenoti is also in the Middle East and the United States where we are now taking L’OCCITANE Spa" - Darpan Sanghvi, Founder, Sanghvi Brands.

With over 13 years of experience, Bubbles becomes premium beauty chain in South India offering world-class grooming services and beauty solutions for men and women. Bubbles believe that beauty is more than just looking good, it's about pampering the soul and body. At Bubbles experience luxury beauty services with professional therapists and stylists for you to indulge in a soothing ambience. Pamper your body, soothe your senses and indulge your soul at Bubbles Hair & Beauty Salon, part of a growing network of high-end beauty chains in India.

"What I notice after we started using and shifting to Zenoti is, they really help us streamline and focus on the points that we need to focus on and we have more control over the business. And also when we expand it gets much more easier for us to manage remote locations because of Zenoti. Because we could manage it just through a phone or any system and everything is right there. I would have to say that it has helped us very largely, especially in expansion and having control over remote locations. They have been doing a great job and we are very happy to be associated with Zenoti and I look forward to a longer association." - Smitha, Owner, Bubbles Hair & Beauty.

With 83 salons across 6 cities including Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Vadodara and Surat, Enrich Salons served almost 94 lakhs customers. The secret ingredient in Enrich Salon's motto is "Love Begins With You". Through their excellent grooming services, Enrich provide the care and love the customer need for a sense of well-being and happiness. What Enrich deliver is a self-esteem.

"Technology has definitely helped us managing this entire thing much better way. The way we track our customers journey, the way we capture their preferences, their choices, their feedbacks and definitely even actioning on this feedbacks promptly. Zenoti is one of our key technology partner who has definitely enabled us managing our complex business environment situations quite efficiently and smoothly." - Vikram Bhatt, Founder, Enrich Salon

With seven locations across California Lashbar believes in providing a Luxury Lash experience to its clients. With its custom-built software Lashbar trusts Zenoti to create seamless check-in/check-out experiences for its clients.

"From the first moment we work with Zenoti they assigned to us an individual that really works with us to customize the software, so the onboarding process has been easy and very seamless. People at Zenoti really listened to us, learned about our business, and helped us customize the software to how we needed it. They were very flexible and very responsive." - Joseph Mai & Lina Mai, Co-Founders, Lashbar.

Established in 1974, Blushes Hair & Beauty provides award-winning services across four locations in the UK. After a full migration to Zenoti's all-in-one solution, Blushes now uses powerful, comprehensive analytics to engage with the right customer at the right time with the right message.

The migration process from any provider to a new one especially one as vast as Zenoti can be always be a challenging process but the Zenoti team is so helpful where nothing is too much of an issue. They are available at anytime throughout the day. The UK team within Zenoti is great. They have got loads of experience working with salons and have lots of ideas of how to implement Zenoti into business to ensure that you get most out it.

Rudy's Barbershop opened its first shop more than 26 years ago in the heart of Seattle. With 27 shops in 6 states and a line of branded products, Rudy's trusts Zenoti to help keep pace with its tech-savvy clients.

Zenoti has brought many different strategic benefits to our business. One of the things that we are really excited about is Zenoti Go. It's a new technology that doesn't exist in this business and would absolutely help us to stand apart from our competition.

Ruffians provide exceptional barbershop services in five locations in the United Kingdom and quality men's grooming products worldwide. Ruffians partnered with Zenoti to deliver advanced technology capable of merging valuable data into a single database, enhance marketing effectiveness, and much more!

We were really looking for a partner to help us rocket launch our business. We have been going on for 7 years and we wanted a partner who had a cloud platform that merges all our bases together so that we can manage it from one site. I think what it has given us is the flexibility to target our customers with intelligent marketing on different sides so that you can bring them together. So what's really special about it is that I can see at the head office the amount of detail and let the team take care of the customer service.

18|8 Fine Men's Salons found success in reinventing the barbershop for modern men's needs. With 85 franchise locations across the United States, 18|8 Fine Men's Salons trusts Zenoti to power future growth goals with advanced, all-in-one capabilities.

Zenoti brings a ton of strategic benefits. We are at around 85 franchise locations now and we want to get to five or six hundred. And as we scale we really feel that Zenoti is the partner to scale with.

Bee Brazilian's Diploma Qualified Beauty therapists place customers at ease since its founding in 2005. The beloved Australian-based brand trusts Zenoti to make online booking seamless and straightforward for customers across four locations.

We had a fairly decent computer program that we used for 13 years but it had really outgrown capability wise because technology has changed so much in the way that clients want to interact with us. I was really looking for a program that could serve our clients better on online bookings and had capabilities for them to log in and change their appointments if they needed to. In particular I wanted something that was fairly simple to use, that wasn't overcomplicated for me in looking at everything- Zenoti was perfect my needs

Frenchies Nail Salon provides quality nail care in inviting and comfortable environments across 31 locations in the United States. Frenchies' exceptional services spurred incredible growth, and Zenoti provides needed solutions to support rapid growth without compromising quality.

When we opened our third location with Frenchies we knew that we needed the right software vendor to help us scale , to help us grow as a franchise system and that when we switched to Zenoti because it is designed to support enterprise or franchise systems and would help us grow rapidly.

SOAP Treatment Store's exceptional customer service creates dependable, loyal customers in five locations across the Netherlands. Zenoti empowers SOAP to simplify time-consuming day-to-day operations, leaving more time for the brand to deliver personalized care to customers.

Because Zenoti offers automated processes, we have more time to spend with our customers... Smart marketing and artificial intelligence allow us to be one step ahead in the industry.

Bioessence expanded to 32 locations across the Philippines since its founding over 25 years ago. Bioessence depends on Zenoti to overcome growth challenges. With Zenoti, Bioessence accesses data easily and conveniently for highly effective management, service, and marketing strategies.

Zenoti is the best partner we have worked for last three years. Data representation allows us to formulate strategies that appeal to our clients. They helped us go digital as we aim to target bigger markets.

Established in 1997, Silkor pioneered the medspa industry in the Middle East and North Africa. Silkor meets customer needs with non-invasive medical technology and depends on Zenoti’s powerful cloud technology to simplify operations and centralize data across locations.

"After trying much software, we finally chose Zenoti. Zenoti helped us quantify every aspect of our business. Having strong technology as the backbone helps us focus on the customer. Zenoti had a positive impact on Silkor."

Brazilian Beauty with 22 locations across Australian is a 99% women-oriented business. With a wide range of services like waxing, lashes, brows, and cosmetic injections they expand and adapt their services according to their customer's needs. Brazilian Beauty partnered with Zenoti to use the artificial intelligence technology to learn about their customer's behavior and appetite. Zenoti's touchless payments helps them to improve guest experience with every visit.

I am from an IT background so when I was looking for a software solution for Brazilian Beauty I settled on Zenoti because I absolutely love the artificial intelligence function. The artificial intelligence component which is machine learning was really attractive to us as a brand. So, machine learning is about the CRM, learning about customers, their behaviors, their buying patterns and essentially their appetite; and then over the time we can market back to our customers with exactly what our customers want so that saves us time and money.

A sister company to Brazilian Beauty, Australian Skin Institute is a community of beauty and pharmaceutical experts who are passionate about skin care. With a clinical training center, they wanted a technology that helps grow as a business. ASI chose Zenoti to have access to enterprise level technology and tools to better reach their customers.

At ASI we partnered with Zenoti because we have lot of stockists especially small beauty operators contacting us wanting to be a stockist but they really don’t have access to great technology. So this partnership between Zenoti and ASI will give these smaller businesses access to enterprise level technology. And the features of Zenoti mean that any small operator or side hustler out there can literally operate their business when they are out and about, from their iPhone and have all functionality and access to the best beauty software in the world

Rush Hair and Beauty has over 90 locations spread across UK. With over 20 years of experince and 16 British hairdressing awards, RUSH Hair and Beauty is paaionate about making guests feel special every day. With Zenoti, RUSH management can access key reporting across all locations on one platform. Seamless integration of accounting and other internal systems allows RUSH management to compare service and product revenue by locations, flagging areas of success and improvement.

Rush Triumphs Over Lockdown With Client-Focused Zenoti Digital Solutions
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