Jyoti Lynch

Chief Information Officer
European Wax Center
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Jyoti Lynch
Chief Information Officer

We are the largest and fastest growing franchiser and operator providing out-of-home waxing services across the United States.

During our brief shutdown during covid, we focused on improving our guest experience, putting the right technologies in place, and making sure that the experience as we reopened was exceptional.

We are a personal business at European wax center, and so we utilize technology to amplify our experience and to make sure it's more efficient when needed. But we let the guests choose which part of that experience that they want to participate in.

Having a cloud based point of sale that had modernized architecture as well as enhanced security features was a clear winner from a technology perspective. Previously, we had to do everything manually from a booking standpoint. And of course it directly impacted our ability to fill those books and be efficient in the number of appointments that we could take in a given day. And now, just like that, the software can figure that out for us.

When we launch the mobile app through Zenoti, the decision was very clear. We want that experience outside of our door to be very similar to the experience that is in the Centers. One of our favorite features of the mobile app is the quick book feature. It allows our guests to open up the app and very quickly select their favorite services, their favorite aesthetician at their favorite center in a very, very short period of time, but also allows the guests to have a relationship with our local centers.

So our booking process really improved once we moved to Zenoti. The feature that we use with Zenoti is called booking optimization. Whether the guest was booking online or they were booking on a mobile app or in the center, it allowed for that seamless, efficient booking experience.

We not only use the Zenoti technology to enhance the guest experience, but we also use it to enhance our waxer experience. Our waxers know when a guest checks in so they're more efficient to come up and greet them. And then in the suite, we are arming our waxers with guest information in real time to be able to understand previous services and allow them to recommend other services that might help meet their needs.

So in the future, the goal for technology is to continue to power that guest experience. And Zenoti is going to continue to help us evolve that.

That seamless experience is really what helps drive the efficiencies for in center operations and improves the guest experience outside the doors.

European wax center it's an intimate service and if you walk in and you don't feel valued and you don't feel like we're listening to you, we don't feel like you're getting the right service, we have an issue. And so it's really important for us to understand how we can make that experience repeatable across all 900 locations that we have. And we want to make sure that experience is exceptional.x`

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