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Jason Bakker

Snip-its is a 25-year-old children's hair salon franchise. We got her start in Framingham, Massachusetts, in 1995. The brand philosophy and what drives us each and every single day is to provide high quality children's haircuts in a clean, safe, fun environment.

Out of everything that was presented to us, Zenoti was really key and instrumental because we saw that it was a perfect fit for our business model. A lot of the different features that are available to us really allow us to operate our business efficiently and effectively.

Prior to Zenoti, we were operating on a traditional walk in model. And that really wasn't working for us. We needed a way to better communicate with our customers and provide them with technology that allowed them to get up to date alerts on their haircut with queue manager the benefit of it.

It allows more information to be processed. They can go on their phone, make an appointment on the same day and come in when their time is available. It really helped out on our stylists or receptionists not having to answer the phone constantly. You know, they get a text when their appointment is available.

They come in and everybody's ready to roll. The queue manager allows online booking for our customers and fills the appointment slots throughout the day. And so therefore you kind of know what your book of business is going to look like. So we can properly staff throughout the day and in the future based on our historical reports that are also provided through Zenoti.

So enhance their experience from on the stylist point of view that they can spend more time with the guest in the chair and not be running to the phone and answering the phone. Before ezConnect, the salon had to have a receptionist in order for it to function every day. Due to the fact that it would take a lot of our stylists away from the appointment to answer phones and book appointments and customers would just always ask questions about when's my time and my next.

So this kept the middleman out of it and it allowed that personal between the stylist and the client. ezConnect allowed us to communicate more efficiently and effectively with customers, reduce overcrowding in our salons, improve the overall customer experience. We hope to grow with Zenoti.

We hope to add new features when it makes sense, because, again, we want technology to fit well within our model because we operate in the physical world. Zenoti allows us to run the day smoother and more efficiently. We can send multiple text messages.

There's communication if there were any late, or maybe we need a switch appointment. There's always the communication and it also keeps it organized. And it's very easy for stylists to know who's next in line and who is under their name, and also allows us to look at notes for that customer, so that they know what that customer is wanting for the day.

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