Christine Tomes

Senior Director, Franchise Operations
Profile by Sanford
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Christine Tomes
Senior Director, Franchise Operations

Profile by Sanford works, which is why we've been able to expand our business to more than 160 locations throughout the entire United States. Christine Tomes I'm Senior Director of franchise operations. Profile by Sanford is really based upon real science. It's exactly how you should be losing weight to make sure it's not just a weight loss, it's sustainable weight loss forever.

Once we found that, we were actually able to change our membership model prior to Zenoti, we only offered annual memberships because we didn't have the capability to do reoccurring monthly memberships. So after we found Zenoti we quickly within a month or so we're rolling out a new membership based model that was actually better for our members, and it's also better for all of our local franchise owners at the unit level economics. It's very efficient.

You're able to log in to Zenoti anywhere, so it's really nice to be able to log in and see all of your reporting on any computer that you log into. It's been really nice to roll out that many locations 160 locations to be, in fact, within just a few short amount of weeks whenever we onboard a member. We will say, hey, you have 20 weeks until you're going to hit your weight loss goal. Let's get you on the calendar for the next 20 weeks.

And in a snap, you can schedule all those 20 weeks out in a reoccurring fashion. So it's really easy for the coach to understand when their member is coming in for the next 20 weeks to make sure we stay really, really close to them. From our store standpoint, it's wonderful. So if there's any questions at all from a store level standpoint, there's a little Zenoti feature on all of their computers. They can ask the question within minutes.

Or is it an AD representative there that can answer the questions? It has made our members more engaged instead of feeling like, oh, I have this annual membership that I don't need to come to appointments, they're more engaged now. They're coming to appointments, they're engaged in the process, they're actually losing more weight now, which is helping us continue to drive our brand into the community, which is what it's about. It's about changing our community.

And because that we're able to do some of these things through the AE of reoccurring memberships or reoccurring appointments, those types of things has really helped us to be able to service our member better to get better weight loss results.

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