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My name is James Raysbrook, I'm the chief operating officer for Sono Bello. Today is actually my 13th year anniversary with Sono Bello. I joined the company back at the end of 2008, 2009 as the VP of business development, when we only had centers in the US.

It's been an amazing ride here at the organization. And since that time, we've been able to grow to over 60 locations across the US and employ over 4,500 team members and helping us achieve what we see as our vision of helping every woman and man live their best life by providing them a transformation through cosmetic surgery.

Being an elective medicine, we're at an intersection of where health care meets retail. Our existing CRM could not support the rapid growth in the vision we had for how we were going to serve our patients and our team members. One of the key things that got us there was that Zenoti was based in the belief that number one, the system had to be extensible.

Number two, the belief that data driven decisions are the best ones. And so we were very impressed with, you know, the backend analytics engine that the Zenoti team had built and we felt we could leverage that go forward.

Zenoti connect took a patchwork of systems that we had put together and built and put it into the Zenoti platform, which then not only relieve the technologic burden, but also enabled our team members to more proactively engage our patients and communicate with them in real time, which increased connection rate, our ability to just get them on the phone and have a conversation.

It helped increase their satisfaction and awareness of what we needed for them and how we could serve them. And quite frankly, it helped our waterfall of our arrival rate, show rates, et cetera.

The premiere engagement team brought that new feature to us, explain to us what it was, but then said because of the relationship we have with them said, hey, here's how we think this is going to work within your business, and here's some of the things that integration points that you need to be aware of.

From there, though, the premiere engagement team put together a wonderful series of training documents that we were then able to take and use to train our trainers, who then trained our team members across the US. And so it absolutely reduced our labor need to support the system on escalation management.

It's been phenomenal concerns that come in our premiere engagement team, handles it, tracks it, resolves it. But I think even more importantly, they analyze that to determine how to avoid it in the future and works very closely with us to make sure that that's the case.

You know, we feel very well taken care of. We feel like family. We can sit down and, you know, have the conversations about what isn't working or working, we can be better. And I feel like Zenoti has been a great partner overall. All right, we're on board with you. Let's walk.

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