Dave Mortensen

Co-Founder & President
Waxing the city
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Dave Mortensen
Co-Founder & President

Not many operations have an all inclusive suite of tools to be able to support our business. The one thing about Zenoti with the smart marketing gives us the ability to build campaigns, reach our consumers in a very personalized way. My name is Dave Mortensen. I'm the Co-Founder and President of Self-Esteem Brands. We have two franchise systems, one called Anytime Fitness, which is a system that has over 4,200 facilities across six continents.

We have this beautiful brand called Waxing the City. We put a clear lens on what we were looking for. Identified the areas that we wanted to really evolve in a development and Zenoti happen to pop up as top of that list. We're seeing a higher percentage of conversions from the time they hit our site to actually booking themselves and appointment into our store, which is what every operator is looking for.

Also excited about the in-store experience with the POS system, the POS system is streamlining our operations, simplifying, giving us additional services with, of course, mobile checkout experience and other things that we're building into our operations today. These are all going to help us with our rebooking experience because every end user knows if we can simplify it to the consumer, we can make a better booking process for the future.

The analytic software is giving us a single source place to put all of our data and really aggregate that data and give us the artificial intelligence we need to make good decisions as operators for our consumers. We can peel back that information and learn so much about our business, even at an employee level, to what they're doing, what the impacts are. And this data is going to be able to help us drive our business forward.

The one thing I'm really excited about is the continued support that we've received from Zenoti in the partnership that we've made. This isn't a one way street in any relationship, and the one thing I like about Zenoti is they're very transparent about making sure that you build the right partnership. We have work to do. They have work to do. And if you do it collectively, you're going to see great things in your business.

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