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Harvey Hillyer

My name is Harvey Hillyer, I'm one of the co-owners of Dermani Med spa, along with my wife, Alison. Over the past seven years, we've gone through a lot of changes and we now have six locations and currently are set up to open up 5 franchise locations. So the neat thing about the aesthetic industry is that we truly are helping people to feel better about themselves. We feel really great about the fact that we can help people feel empowered whenever you've.

You can roll back the clock and make someone feel better. It just instills confidence. And so that's the exciting part about the business. We chose Zenoti just because of the robust features that they had because we are a membership based program. People want to be able to use that membership at multiple locations. So the Zenoti software actually enables us to do that. Other systems just for clunky when it came to the membership side of things.

But with A.I., it's just extremely clear clients can have a cash balance and they can use that cash balance however they want to. So it just works the way a membership program is supposed to. So nobody's really helped us on the digital form side of things. And so one big problem we have with other systems were that we actually would have to do a lot of paper. There was a lot of scanning, whereas with the Zenoti, it just seamlessly goes right into the system.

So we can use ipads, take pictures. It allows us to spend more time with that client doing the service versus Messing around with paperwork. They're really driven and created for a franchise model. For me, as a franchise owner, we're able to easily look at different offices and also it allows great reporting for our franchise owners to be able to access that data and know exactly where they stand at any given time.

Whenever somebody walks into a location, you want to have the same look, the same feel and feel like you've got the same experience at every location. We have a branded app with Zenoti and with that app people can go in and they can schedule their sessions and be able to access their data. And as they look at that, it creates that seamless look and feel across all locations. We have the flexibility to grow with this software. We're really excited to be able to grow with Zenoti platform.

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