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Denise Keeler

Orange Twist was founded three years ago by Clint Carnell and Dr. Grant Stevens, orange twist is a medical spa. We specialize in non-invasive medical aesthetics. We started with one center. We're now up to nine centers and three states. I think what really sets us apart is our facilities. I mean, that's our number one thing. A lot of our centers are walk retail locations, so you can walk in, you can have a treatment. You can go back out into the day and take over everything we do again, noninvasive.

So there's no downtime as we have about five six services that we do very, very well and we do them in a consistent manner. Probably our most popular is CoolScultping body contouring. We have a maintenance program, so it's a citrus club membership so people can become a member. The idea is to come in once a month, have a hydro facial and then it brings you in, brings a loyal client back as well as it helps the team get to know their clients.

We decided to move to Zenoti for the simple fact that it has a business platform dashboards way that our entire consistency for our company. So all centers are on one platform at any given time, I can go on and I can see exactly what we're doing in the Centers. I know what the schedule is. I know what my team is doing. I can also have all the analytics behind it so I can understand what's really happening in centers if I can't be there myself.

Analytics is probably the single most important thing for us as a leadership team. I know what my conversion rates are. I know what my average selling price is. I know what clients are coming in. How many are new versus repeat. I can understand what time of the day is busiest, so I understand scheduling of the team the other day. Time is money in our team. When they're with a client, I want them focused on the client.

I don't want them focused on the paperwork when it comes to digital forms, having client do it beforehand and the whole process of creating an appointment to coming into the center to when they leave, we want everything just to be an absolute flow. Now that we have a partner with somebody and that dashboard, as I said, we can really start looking at what works, what are the Centers that are working while the demographics.

I love the idea that we can change some things around. So we get what we need out of it. I think that Zenoti has really just kind of embraced orange twist and said, OK, I know that you've got this many centers. We want to help you get to where you're going and we want to make you more efficient as a business. And I think that we've accomplished that.

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