Joe Brauer

Chief Technology Officer
Hand and Stone
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Joe Brauer
Chief Technology Officer

I'm Joe Brauer, I'm the Chief Technology Officer at Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa. Hand and Stone is a franchise business with 500 locations throughout the US and Canada. And our brand philosophy is simple. We specialize in providing the highest quality massage and facial services at an affordable price.

We chose Zenoti because it met all of the criteria that we were looking for in a new point of sale system. One of the most powerful features of Zenoti is the integrated marketing platform, which we use to communicate with our customers through email and text messages.

Prior to Zenoti, the customer databases were housed centrally in each of our spa locations. When marketing to our customers, we would only see the activity that happened at any one particular location.

But with the Zenoti marketing platform and its centralized database architecture, we now have that single view of the customer that allows us to see all activity across all locations, and that enables us to really tailor our messages to the unique needs of the customer.

Prior to Zenoti, all of our service and intake forms were completed manually. With Zenoti and electronic forms, the forms can be emailed directly to the customer, who can then fill them out, and that form is then visible across all of our locations.

In the month of September, we processed about 350,000 electronic forms. Our massage therapists and statisticians really like the Zenoti employee mobile app. They use it to clock in and clock out. They can view their schedule and their appointments for the day, and they can even use it to enter treatment notes after the appointment.

When the front desk checks the customer in, the mobile app automatically notifies the provider on their mobile device that the customer is in the lobby and ready to be taken back.

Customers are booking online more and more with less time that the front desk is spending on the phone with customers and leaving more time for our associates to deal directly with customers who are standing in the spa.

But we're looking forward to the next generation of technologies that Zenoti is rolling out as well to give our customers just the best and simplest experience that we can, leveraging the technology that Zenoti can make available to us.

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