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Paul Roati

My roles obviously include keeping the lights on, but also designing all our systems, protocols, processes. Basically, myself and my team are the engine room of CST. It's a franchise system and it's a real market disruptor. We were utilizing three different software platforms when we first started CST, which worked when we're a brand new start up. It was very clunky, a lot of still paper forms, et cetera our network has grown enormously in the last three years.

We now have about 45, 50 franchisees all around Australia. And when we were looking for our new partner in this space, we very much had a specific shopping list of what we needed and our operations manager. Courtney discovered Zenoti and did a whole lot of research on the platform and on the organization, and it just seemed to be a natural fit for what we wanted to do within the global side of the business without ever forgetting or forsaking the Australian business.

So at the end of the review process, it was a very, very simple decision. There was no other competitor that we could find that could offer our business, everything that we needed at that time. And also for the future. Our guys always worked on a tablet, predominantly Apple product, and iPad worked best, which was great for when we moved to the Zenoti. The power of the mobile app is it's almost like it's been tailor made for our business.

So a lot of our franchisees, also their business owner. So they are the injector. They're also the receptionists and also the business owners. So the fact that they can go into a treatment room, take the iPad with them, do everything that they need to do with the patient, including payment through the mobile app, allows them at the end of day to log onto the desktop if they need to do inventory management and business owner related activities and the fact that it's so robust it never fails.

Unlike, some of our previous software doesn't fall over and it has that. The power, as I said before of what we call book treat pay and the sophistication of the app is a godsend for our franchisees because all they need is great Wi-Fi like we need for everything these days. Great internet connection, the iPad and they're good to go.

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