Ozzie Grupenmager


"Zenoti has helped us unify our enterprise in so many ways. One that stands out is our streamlined customer communications and marketing efforts. In less than 6 months, we've been able to reach over 11,000 customers. Needless to say, in this post-COVID world, that's been a huge key to getting business back on track."

of all credit card transactions are on mobile, minimizing touch


Uni K Wax

Uni K Wax knows firsthand what a difference a good wax can make. The US company, which runs waxing studio locations in Florida, New York, and New Jersey, specializes in a proprietary, pine-based wax that offers superior results while minimizing pain and irritation. And with Uni K University, they also ensure that all of their waxers have the experience and training needed to provide exceptional service to every client who comes through their doors.