Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero

President and CEO

"Zenoti helped us go digital as we aim to target bigger markets. One big strategic benefit Zenoti gave to Bioessence is access to organized data. We had data before but having it all in the cloud is great because all the transactions go through this platform. So all the information regarding our clients, from their age and gender to where they come from and what they buy, allows us to formulate more attractive strategies for our customers.”




For more than 25 years, Bioessence has been guiding the beauty and wellness industry as one of the Philippine’s leading day spa providers. Founded by dermatologist Dr. Emma Beleno, the brand has grown to encompass 32 spa locations with a reputation for excellence throughout Southeast Asia. Specialties include effective, non-invasive skin care treatments as well as a curated collection of exclusive Bioessence products.