From single center to multi-location, Zenoti is designed with growing businesses in mind

Access accurate and up-to-date reports and dashboards that are ready and waiting whenever you need them - without having to manually collect the data.

Filter and drill down the dashboards to move from an organization-level view to regional or center level, and easily isolate any data you want to explore further.

What do you get with Zenoti Reports and Analytics?

All your data in one place

Enjoy a single source of truth with data from every aspect of your business, including sales, operations, and marketing stored in one centralized system.

Data drilldowns

Gather the insights that you need and isolate the metrics you want to explore further with the option to look at data from a bird’s eye view down to the granular details.

Tailored reports

Create and save custom views for anytime access or produce dashboards on the fly. Our flexible solution supports you however you work best.

Pre-built dashboards

Go beyond KPIs with valuable data and actionable insights, from loyalty, retention and sales to marketing performance, guest behavior, and more.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access your data when and where you need it with on-demand mobile reports and analytics.

Automated alerts

Schedule reports to be emailed to the right people and get instant alerts via text or email when metrics fall short of your goals.

Organization-level reports

Filter data by location, service category, sales type, and more to dynamically update reports and determine your level of detail.

Your business at a glance

Zenoti gives you a full view of the financial health of your business: sales, profits, top-performing services, and more. Drill down to the specifics and set alerts to be sent to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

Payroll and commissions reports

Monitor your employees' worked hours and owed commission, and we’ll calculate your weekly or monthly payroll reports for you - no matter your commission and pay structures.

Employee performance reports

Track sales, revenue, and profit per staff member. View services booked, appointment cancellations, and overall employee utilization. Check rebooking and retention rates, product upsells, and review ratings per service provider

Marketing performance reports

Identify which campaigns worked and make smarter decisions based on ROI. Reports show who engaged with each email or SMS and made a booking, their ticket size, retail purchases, and more.

Inventory reports

Assess the sales of each SKU and report on your top revenue drivers in-store and online. View product sales and stock adjustments per center and staff member.

Predictive analysis

Zenoti goes beyond exploratory analytics. We forecast your future business performance by combining historical data with recent, seasonal, and expected trends.

Benefits of predictive analysis:

Ensure your appointment book is full every day by pushing the right promotions at the right time.

Plan your employee utilization to bring in more staff on busy days and reschedule on slow days.

Order the right number of consumables and retail products based on demand predictions.

Reports and insights for every organizational level

Every individual in your company has different needs. So, Zenoti empowers them with dashboards customized to their role requirements.


See the big picture with a single source of truth across the business. Use charts to identify patterns and isolate problem areas. Access aggregate data in real-time for instant answers.

Finance & auditors

Convert complex data into easy-to-use information and get the exact data insights that you need. Use filters to create snapshots in time, isolate data by transaction type, and more.


Save hours with custom reports and dashboards that pull from a robust data set. Do more with less effort - while providing deeper business insights.

Managers & strategy

Set managers up for success with access to all aspects of operations and guest behavior. Real-time reports help staff stay focused and meet weekly goals.

HR & payroll

Save hours with organization-level reporting that aggregates payroll data, employee performance, and more.


Monitor inventory end-to-end, gain transparency into stock management, and analyze data for improved retail performance.
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With Zenoti, we get a centralized bird's eye view of business metrics - from marketing campaigns to reporting to employee performance. Now we get instant feedback from our customers, which gives us the ability to act quickly and make improvements on the fly.
Jayson Rapaport
Co-Founder, Birds Barbershop
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reporting analytics?

A process of organizing and summarizing business data to monitor the performance of your organization and highlight areas of improvement. It is different from the basic reporting function, which is essentially presenting the data as available. Analytics helps you examine the data to provide additional insights and will often answer any questions that have been raised from reporting. In other words, reporting analytics brings clarity to what is happening, whether it’s working, and what can be done to make it more effective. It’s no wonder that analytics is being increasingly deployed in salons and spas to improve operational metrics and increase revenue and sales.

Why is reporting analytics so important for a salon/spa business?

In order to appreciate the role of reporting analytics, it is important to understand that modern-day businesses need to run at optimum performance. In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential for every salon/spa business to be armed with the data required to make informed decisions. Reporting analytics can be run on almost any function in a salon/spa business to better understand customer preferences for product and service requirements, market trends, and pricing power. By analyzing the constant stream of data, businesses can better ascertain the pulse of the customer and the market, and as a result align their businesses to meet those expectations.

How does salon analytics help to grow your business?

On a daily basis, salons generate a lot of data. It is one thing to create reports out of the data generated, but altogether another process of deciphering the underlying message that the data is telling you. By deploying advanced data analytics, salons can focus on every detail of their business operations. Aspects such as guest preferences, inventory movement, daily revenue, and staff performance can be understood in detail by deploying analytics. The reports generated by analytics are a sort of advisory committee, which highlight areas that can be improved or need urgent attention. Needless to say, improving business processes results in better business performance.

How to use reporting analytics for a salon/spa business?

Reporting analytics is a treasure trove of information for salon and spa businesses. From analyzing sales, to business performance and guest preferences, reporting analytics can take a marketing strategy from vague assumptions to well-informed decisions. Salons and spas can actively use reporting analytics to increase their revenue with targeted promotional campaigns. Furthermore, analytics can help you study the effectiveness of campaigns to understand what is working and what is not.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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