Free yourself from time-intensive employee management

Seamlessly coordinate and manage commissions, performance, and attendance and create a high-performing team that cares about your guests as much as you do.

Things you can do with Zenoti

Give staff everything at their fingertips

The Employee Mobile App empowers providers with fast access to their schedule, appointments, guest profiles, commissions, tips, and more. Set them up for success with real-time data and the ability to personalize each guest’s experience.

Create a collaborative environment

Gain operational efficiency and drive knowledge sharing with quick message notifications that make communication easy at every location.

Track KPIs and increase productivity

Identify rockstar performers and motivate staff with transparent and unbiased performance tracking that informs reviews, awards, and training needs. Our software tracks performance metrics against goals such as revenue targets, customer satisfaction, retention rates, punctuality, rebooking, and retail sales.

Establish employee profiles

Streamline staffing with a centralized employee database that’s accessible from your head office. Stay up to date with skills and strengths and create custom permission levels to restrict access.

Achieve 100% payroll

Automated reconciling, secure and auditable payroll processing, and centralized data management save time and eliminates errors.

Flexible features that drive productivity

Authenticate attendance

Use biometrics for accurate, tamper-free employee check-in/out and punctuality reporting.

Streamline scheduling

Make employee administration easier by copying schedules forward and choosing day, week, or month view.

Manage payroll

Automatically track payroll based on salary, leave, and hours worked; assign penalties for poor attendance.

Stop shrinkage

Mitigate shrinkage, whether it's from stock loss, theft from the till, appointment fraud, or more.

Allocate commission

Automate commission calculations, with support for a variety of commission models, and award commissions based on job, seniority, sale type, and performance.

Role-based access control

Define and manage permission and usage to Zenoti based on employee role at different centers, from one central location and manage discretionary access control.
With Zenoti, it’s easier for employees to deliver exceptional customer service and provide the seamless brand interactions customers expect today.
Seth Gittlitz, CEO
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Discover how easy it can be to retain and motivate your employees and build a stronger business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee management software?

A salon/spa employee management software is essentially a cloud based module within the salon/spa management software that allows you to consolidate and manage all employee related activities in one place. From managing shift schedules and tracking attendance to measuring employee performance and running error free payroll, tips, and commission incomes, an employee management software lets you accomplish it all and in just a few clicks.  In other words, it is the backbone of your employee management program and ensures that there is fair and transparent implementation of the plan. Furthermore, it also assists you and your providers in having clear grasp of the key deliverables and metrics.

How can Zenoti employee mobile app be helpful to Salon/Spa owners?

The Zenoti employee mobile app is designed to improve the communication between salon/spa owners and their providers. Intuitively designed to empower your staff at all times, the Zenoti mobile app comes with a host of features. From advance intimation of work schedules and reminders of upcoming appointments to upselling retail performance and customer feedback, the Zenoti mobile app allows the owners and providers to communicate the information in a transparent manner. Additionally, using the Zenoti employee mobile app your providers can keep a tab on their incomes through payrolls, commissions and tips. Perhaps, the single best feature of the Zenoti employee mobile app is that, at all times, with effective communication, it ensures that the management, managers and providers are all on the same page.

How to track employee activities/performance through Zenoti software?

The Zenoti employee management module comes with a set of criteria and metrics that can be configured to compute employee activity and performance. These criteria can be accorded a weightage as per your business model.  Some of the key metrics which can be tracked are attendance, punctuality, utilization, retail upselling targets, and guest’s feedback. Additionally, the weighted average of a key metric can be changed based to suit the needs of each and every work center.  The software is designed to allow goal setting based on the level of seniority of the employee and provide real time feedback to the management and the concerned employee. The Zenoti employee management software provides a holistic picture of employee activities and performance.

What is the importance of employee management software?

The single biggest advantage of an employee management software is that it brings all the activities related to employees under one roof. The system centralizes each and every data related to your employees and makes it available in in just a few clicks and easy to comprehend form. With its host of features and the ability to improve the communication between the management, managers and providers, it is an indispensable tool that enhances the productivity of your team. Amidst the host of features that an employee management software has, some of the uber helpful ones are the error free computation of payrolls, fair and transparent performance tracking, and reminders for daily and weekly work schedule, employee utilization etc.

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Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
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Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
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Director, Epic Hair Designs

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