A powerful employee mobile app that drives efficiency and elevates the guest experience

Empower employees with everything they need, from appointment schedules to customer details, and much more, at their fingertips.

One-stop solution

Give staff a self-serve app to check themselves in/out, receive alerts when their guests arrive, request time off, get real-time earnings information, such as tips and commissions, and access tools to evaluate their own performance and growth.

Fully prepared employees

Boost productivity and satisfaction rates with easy access to everything employees need to serve guests effectively and perform daily operations. This includes information on service details, guest notes and preferences, before and after photos, schedule changes, and retail product purchase history.

Unified and seamless

The Zenoti Mobile App integrates with the appointment book, CRM, reporting, payroll, and other features to create a consistent employee and customer experience across every device, channel, and center.

Private and secure

Define role permissions to restrict who sees personal guest data and sensitive business information and limit access within your premises with geofencing technology.

Quick communications

Integrate with ezConnect, a two-way messaging tool, to enable staff to communicate with guests, resolve queries, and receive feedback in real-time.

The power of the mobile app is almost like it's been tailor-made for our business… the fact that business owners/service providers can go in a treatment room, take the iPad with them, do everything they need to do, including payment… is a God-send go our franchisees.
Carol Morgan, Director and COO
Cosmetic Skin Therapies
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Make your employees’ jobs easier and your customers’ experience extraordinary

Prioritize hygiene

Cut down on front desk crowds, along with shared devices and paperwork, with the employee mobile app and digital forms.

Mobile POS

At the chair, providers can add retail purchases to invoices and upsell add-ons or future services during appointments.

Encourage professional growth

Set trackable performance goals and use these KPIs for employee assessments and development.

Protect data privacy

Restrict guest and appointment details, as well as other business information to within your geofenced location.

Improve scheduling access

Providers get quick insight into their schedules and can request time off or shift changes.

Increase booking convenience

Enable providers to book, rebook, cancel or reschedule appointments on the app.

Discover how to leverage
the power of mobile devices
for your beauty & wellness

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Zenoti mobile app help empower small spa/salon business owners?

The Zenoti mobile app is your go-to all-in-one comprehensive salon/spa management system. From handling the bookings to populating daily and weekly work schedules, and employee work allocation charts. From raising invoices to processing payments, the mobile app can do it all. The system is designed to handle multi-location business and make the process extremely convenient for the guests. Other than accomplishing the above-mentioned tasks, the Zenoti mobile app also allows small business owners to view payroll information and collect customer feedback on the products and services sold. The app gives your salon business the much-required mobility and provides your customer’s a seamless experience.

How can the Zenoti Mobile App help my staff?

A mobile salon management app can greatly improve your team’s efficiency. Zenoti’s mobile app transforms the efficiency of your business multifold. The app allows your providers to track their schedules, earnings through tips and commissions, KPI based performance ratings, and reduce the miscommunication with front desk staff. As soon as the app confirms a booking, it auto populates the appointment in the individual work calendar of your providers. It also sends daily reminders of the upcoming schedules such that the providers can better plan their day. Moreover, by sharing client’s profile with your team, the mobile app helps them in improving their ability to upsell products and services to the clients.

Will my guest data be secure in the mobile app?

The Zenoti mobile app understands privacy concerns and accords the matter a high degree of importance. Therefore, it is designed keeping role based access in mind. When it comes to restricting access of data the mobile app works wonders. Financial data, customer profile, customer payment information etc. are all under controlled access. For e.g. your front desk staff can have access to appointment book, customer contact details, and point of sale system, he or she cannot have access to other financial information about either the business or the guest. With its state of art cloud based system, Zenoti mobile app accords complete peace of mind insofar as guest data is concerned.

Can my staff communicate with the guests with the Zenoti mobile app?

The Zenoti mobile app is designed to help you in having an effective communication with your guests. The system is allows you to customize your emails, or create them out of pre-fixed templates to ensure that the client communication is more impactful. On one hand the app, during the business hours, allows your staff to interact with the clients using a two way messaging system and on the other hand outside the business hours it engages the client through either a chatbot or an automated response system to acknowledge the guests concern. As a result your guest is never allowed to feel unattended. With Zenoti mobile app your providers can address customers through their own devices too.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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