Automated marketing

Reduce the time and expense involved in planning and executing consistent, targeted campaigns and grow long-term revenue.

A fully booked schedule

We analyze guest preferences and business parameters to provide the best timeslots for bookings, and send personalized emails to fill open slots and keep your schedule fully booked.

Guests that keep coming back

Our predictive analytics forecast which guests you’re likely to lose, so you can reach out and encourage them to return with personalized communications and promotions.

More revenue from upsells

Increase guest spend with automatic recommendations of other products and services they might be interested in. We also help front desk staff and providers to sell add-ons and retail items during their visit.

Centralized lead management

Convert more leads with an all-in-one lead management system that takes you from inquiry to appointment in just a few clicks - without the overhead of a dedicated team.

Simplified sales flow

Streamline lead management and save time with one guest profile that contains all the details you need every step of the way.

Follow-up prompts

Never miss an opportunity with dashboards that highlight when to next reach out and the time of day that’s most likely to lead to a conversion.

Automated operations

Set emails and texts to automatically send to leads depending on their position in the funnel and notify staff when a new opportunity comes in for them to action.

Generate more revenue with AI-powered advertising

Promote your services and products effectively with ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram with ezAds, a simple, self-served advertising tool.

More brand awareness. More reviews. More leads.

Promote positive reviews on your social media platforms and website in just a few clicks and reduce the impact of negative feedback to keep guests coming back.

Our scalable marketing and sales platform delivers results

180% jump in online gift card revenue in peak seasons
32% revenue growth from leads
33% increase in average booking price

Chief Marketing Officers at the most successful brands in the beauty and wellness industry trust only Zenoti

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A solution tailor-made for your unique needs

From turning consultations into paying guests to filling your appointment book, and increasing average ticket price, Zenoti gives you more.

Set staff up for success

Provide your team with fingertip access to the information and context they need to have productive conversations.

Never miss a lead

Reassign leads if a sales rep is ill, goes on holiday, or leaves your company and maintain a consistent experience.

Monitor KPIs

Track key business benchmarks, including number of leads, sales, conversions, and more.

Behavior-based campaigns

Organize guests based on their interactions and send relevant announcements or promotional campaigns.


Craft campaigns that actually convert by sending personalized marketing messages to guests based on their data.

Consistent brand standards

Maintain a unified look and feel across all locations and touchpoints by predefining your brand elements.

Franchise and multi-center support

Create campaigns from one centralized platform and choose to share to all or specific brand locations.

A fully integrated system

Promote marketing offers to your Webstore and social media channels effortlessly.

Privacy and compliance

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our platform complies with global regulations, including SOC, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR, and protects your data.

Features that will help your business reach its full potential

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a marketing software platform?

A marketing software platform is a tool that enables businesses to build, track, and analyze marketing campaigns. It helps salons and spas better understand their guests’ demographics and preferences and target them with promotions to suit their needs, taste, and budget. The salon/spa marketing software platform is often a module within the salon/spa management software. It runs data analytics to recommend personalized marketing ideas, which are likely to generate better results with your guests.

How can Zenoti marketing software be useful for salon owners?

Zenoti’s marketing software is a highly intuitive tool which deploys advanced data analytics to increase the sales of both goods and services. It analyzes every guest’s purchase history to ascertain their profile, spend patterns, and budget. Using these parameters, it gives salon staff a better understanding of guest requirements and helps them upsell both products and services. It prevents salons from indulging in blind marketing campaigns, saving both time and resources. Furthermore, targeted messaging tends to have better conversion rates than general campaigns, with increased revenue as a result.

What marketing services do small businesses need?

For any small business to grow, guest engagement is essential. In order to increase revenue and sales, it is important to get your marketing strategy right. Perhaps the single biggest requirement for beauty and wellness businesses is to understand their guests’ preference for goods and services. Thanks to technology, this can be learnt by running data analytics on past purchase records of each and every guest. A salon/spa management software is a proven tool that can assist in improving the marketing strategy and provide ideas for customized and personalized targeted marketing campaigns.

How does sales & marketing software work?

Sales and marketing software is essentially a module within the salon/spa management software. The guest information and management module records both purchase history and feedback provided for any services. It runs deep data analytics to ascertain your guests’ preferences and helps you set up personalized marketing campaigns. Multiple studies have shown that personalized marketing campaigns a are highly efficient marketing tool. These campaigns have higher acceptability and help staff increase upselling, thus resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
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Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
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Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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