Grow revenue 5 -15%

Zenoti's marketing automation software is tailor-made for the salon and spa business. Our solution reduces the time and expense to plan and execute marketing programs. Most importantly, we help you grow revenue with lasting results.

Automate your marketing.

Zenoti's Smart Marketing addresses the biggest marketing challenges for salons and spas. If you have limited marketing resources, cannot maintain consistent, personalized engagement, or aren't seeing lasting results – Zenoti can help.

Campaigns that drive results.

Fill your schedule.

Next week's book busy for hair stylists, but not your aestheticians? Not a problem. Smart Marketing analyzes your appointment book to predict slow days and open availability, identifies the right customers to target, and works behind the scenes to fill your schedule in a way your best manager would.

Retain more guests.

Zenoti goes well beyond sending ‘we miss you emails’ with the ability to engage and recover lost customers with a series of personalized communications. Just as importantly, our predictive analytics forecasts which guests you’re likely to lose, so you can initiate marketing and sales outreach before you've lost them. You can also set loyalty vehicles like loyalty programs and recurring memberships on auto-pilot.

Increase guest spend.

Whether it's through retail sales, upgrades or add-ons, Smart Marketing increases per-visit spend. The system analyzes the ideal new services to introduce and promote to each guest. But it isn't just marketing; Zenoti also assists front desk staff and providers to upsell and sell more add-ons.

Get more reviews.

Reports, notifications, and dashboards help you take action with both customers and staff. You'll also mitigate negative public reviews and promote more positive reviews on your social media platforms and website.

Put your business in your guests' back pockets.

Delight your customers with a rich mobile experience on your own branded app. Our customer-facing app enables an elevated guest experience with:

- Automated check-in
- Contactless payments for fast checkout
- Elegant and quick mobile booking
- Access to special deals
- Insight into account history and balances on 
memberships, packages, and loyalty points

Support your franchise locations.

Maintaining brand standards can be challenging for a franchise business or even a fully owned chain. Zenoti marketing growth stack supports center level marketing needs as well as centralized marketing functions. Corporate office can create, share, and deploy marketing campaigns for the entire network of salons and spas. Analytics map performance and ROI to each marketing program so you can analyze what's working and how to improve effectiveness.

Convert more consultations into paying guests.

Ensure your staff is consistently following up with visitors that came in for a consultation but did not convert into paying customers. Dashboards organize daily follow-ups and hold staff accountable. Reports identify best and worst performers for bonuses and coaching.

Other features & functionality.

Transactional emails & texts
Automate appointment confirmations and reminders to mitigate no-shows and cancellations.
Ad-hoc emails & texts
Create and send ad-hoc emails to guests for unexpected snow-day promotions, a pop-up event or monthly newsletters. Use our pre-defined templates or create your own.
Rich segmentation
Our automated marketing capabilities rely heavily on segmenting your guest database. You can also use this capability to target ad-hoc emails to the most relevant recipients.
POS integration
Ensure your front desk staff is always in-sync with your marketing efforts. All offers relevant to each guest shows up in the POS for redemption.
Pre-defined templates
Choose from our pre-defined templates that include common scenarios - like reminders for a client's next salon or spa visit, cross-sell offers, up-sell offers or retail promotions. You'll get your campaigns up and running fast.
Custom coupons on receipts
Did a customer come in for a haircut, but never try a hair spa? Print a coupon with your cross-sell offer. Our coupons are highly targeted to customers and highly effective at driving revenue.
Not many operations have an all inclusive suite of tools to be able to support our business. The one thing about Zenoti, with the Smart Marketing, gives the ability to build campaigns and reach our consumers in a very personalized way.
Dave Mortensen, Co-founder & President
Self Esteem brands
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty

50% increase in self-service booking.

Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies

500% increase in customers using digital forms prior to treatment.

Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

100% increase in direct mail results.

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