Samantha Barakat Light

Founder & CEO

"When it comes to creating a healthy ecosystem, our customers really benefit from Body Catalyst. But when it comes to simplifying the operations ecosystem, Zenoti's got the magic touch. A growing portion of our business is going digital - creating a safe and touchless atmosphere for our customers, and smoother operations for us."

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Body Catalyst

At Body Catalyst, we stand for more than body shaping treatments. That’s what we do, but who we are is so much more. We believe the best thing anyone can have is a positive self-image, especially about your body. It’s not vanity, it’s self-love. Do we sculpt our tummies? Freeze our fat? Yep. Care for our own and each other’s mental and physical wellbeing? You bet your sweet ass we do. We are the shift from seeing our bodies as the enemy to celebrating each and every inch of them. With locations across Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne, Body Catalyst is Australia's leading body shaping and wellness business, having helped over 30,000 Australians lose fat, treat cellulite, tighten loose skin and reduce wrinkles. We are the catalyst to helping people re-shape their bodies and shapeshift their lives.