Paulina Saliba

Founder & Director

"We not only deliver the best care in the aesthetics business, but we graduate new professionals from our academy. Having top-down insights into all aspects of our business performance is of the utmost importance to our growth. Analytics helps us focus on the right components across the brand. Medspa customers don't often book services online, but now 10% of our appointments are booked this way, saving time for our front desk.”

Tracking KPIs across the enterprise with Analytics Plus


Results Laser Clinic

With over 40 clinics throughout Australia, Results Laser Clinic remains one of the top providers of laser skincare and cosmetic injectables, as well as a leader in the growing field of aesthetic technology. Central to the brand is the Results Academy, a state-of-the-art program that offers remote and on-site training to technicians and registered nurses to ensure that clients receive the safest and most effective laser treatments possible.