Ian Eggerton


"I’m a great believer in technology to help make business more efficient. When I saw the power of Zenoti online tools for guests I was impressed and switched to Zenoti right away. Gift card sales for us have always been part of our business. Now with Zenoti Gift Cards, guests can purchase 24 hours per day from anywhere in the world and it’s super easy for my team to manage, with the added advantage that it’s reduced the number of physical cards we need to send by around 75%.”

Online Gift cards bringing greater online presence


The Stress Exchange

Established in 2000, The Stress Exchange has evolved along with the London Bridge area. We offer a broad range of hair, beauty and wellness services, including physiotherapy and osteopathy, to Complement our massage and overall wellness approach. A community-based business, we are very much part of the modern London Bridge area and our team often take part in local activities as well as being part of the creative scene that features so heavily in London.