Jonathon Levi


"Customers come to Jonny Levi Studio for a magical experience that leaves them feeling and looking radiant. Our technology partner needed to do the same. We chose Zenoti to ensure that the avant-garde customer experience starts well before they enter our salon. With Zenoti, we’ve eliminated the friction of booking, checking in and out, paying and more. And we’re keeping costs down with a completely receptionless salon experience. Overall, it’s seamless and completely represents our branding. We’ve achieved more than 30% bookings through the mobile app since July and expect that to increase with the latest enhancements. Zenoti’s marketing capabilities allow us to reach out to a wider audience with targeted marketing campaigns. As we plan to expand in future, we see Zenoti as our long-term partner."

receptionless enviornment


Jonny Levi Studios

Opening a salon on an island during a pandemic? Not for the faint of heart. That’s what makes the success of Jonny Levi Studio so remarkable. Jonathon Levi Powell dared to make his dream a reality after career successes at Gene Juarez, in Miami and in New York City – as well as features on American Beauty Star. Today, with the help of Zenoti technology, his booming salon business has garnered thousands of followers. With the best-in-class hair stylists and makeup artists, Jonny Levi is a trusted brand which guests love to visit. For the “escape you’ve always wanted,” Jonny Levi is your go-to salon!