David Boyd


"Managing a growing brand can be challenging, especially with the unexpected twists of COVID. But integrated, all-in-one dashboards keep our eyes on key metrics and allow us to make smart decisions across all locations. Now, instead of working with 40 different databases, access to data is literally one click away. I've got my weekends back!"

Consolidated 40 databases into 1


Salon & Barbershop Express

Express Retail Group Australia incorporates Salon & Barbershop Express with a no "appointment necessary" walk-in service model. Its business approach relies on a brand model that is already well-established and has earned a reputation for providing an outstanding guest experience. Due to the nature of this walk-in concept, customers build a relationship with the Salon Express and Barbershop Express brands - not with individual stylists. This is because customers know that with every visit to one of the 50 nationwide salons, they can count on the same high-quality, affordable service that exceeds their expectations every time.