Vincenzo Minore

Group CEO

“Zenoti offers us the strategies and tools to ensure a strong and safe post-COVID reopening. We leveraged the marketing and online bookings features aggressively, so now 50% of all bookings are self-service. It streamlines operations and allows the front desk to focus on great customer service.”

of all bookings are self-service



Strip, a holding of The Grooming Company, opened in 2005 with the goal of turning hair removal into something that clients look forward to instead of avoid. To make it happen, the UK-based brand has put time, effort, and expertise into developing signature waxing and laser hair removal techniques and services that ensure the client has a luxury, high-quality personalised experience. Strip is also open to everyone and specialises in male and pregnancy waxing. This approach has helped them grow to additional locations and gain the attention of celebrities and industry elites.