Software that helps you take control of your inventory.

Sell more retail, control back-bar usage and streamline operations for more efficient inventory management.

Centralized inventory for multi-location businesses.

Centralize your vendor and product lists for more efficient procurement and inventory management. Our centralized approach gives home office transparency, allows control over inventory for all locations, and supports transfer of stock between warehouse and locations, as well as between locations.
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Audits made easy.

Conduct stock counts frequently. Our mobile app and integrated scanner makes the audit process faster, error-free and user friendly. Reduce costs by comparing actual stock levels against expected levels to identify areas of shrinkage.

Just-in-time stock

Assign and track retail and professional products separately.

Processes built into our system block shrinkage opportunities.

Transparency and control.

Reports provide a deep analysis of your inventory performance for your accountant, center managers and procurement manager. Additionally, shrinkage reports help you identify areas of pilferage and wastage. You’ll always know exactly how much stock you have on hand.
"Zenoti has added real strategic benefit as a partner. They were the only cloud -based system to meet our retail product needs and the back-end inventory management."
Chris Scott
Founder, Skoah

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