Software that helps you take control of your inventory.

Sell more retail, control back-bar usage and streamline operations for more efficient inventory management.

Centralized inventory for
multi-location businesses.

Centralize vendor and product lists for efficient procurement and inventory management. Our approach creates home office transparency, enables easy inventory control across all locations, and supports stock transfers between warehouse and centers, and specific centers.

Audits made easy.

Conduct stock counts frequently. Our mobile app and integrated scanner makes the audit process faster, error-free, and user friendly. Reduce costs and identify areas of shrinkage by comparing actual stock levels against expected.

Just-in-time stock.

Know when to reorder
Text and email alerts warn you when stock is running low. Inventory reports highlight low level stock items and fast moving products for accurate ordering.
Speed up your ordering process
Our integrated approach automates the manual work. Use auto-generated POs and approve and update as needed. Clone a previous PO or print or email POs.
Quick & accurate receiving
Zenoti automatically updates items & quantities based on delivery against a PO, even for partial deliveries. Scan in new barcodes to add new items. Return products easily and with automated tracking.

Assign & track retail and professional products separately.

Processes built into our system block shrinkage opportunities.
Professional products
Specify a bill of materials for every service. Control product usage and trace any areas of over/under usage to specific services or providers.
Retail products
Sell more retail. Inventory data is tied to the CRM, marketing tools, and analytics, providing you with insights into retail performance and the ability to run effective marketing programs.

Transparency & control.

Reports provide a deep analysis of your inventory performance for your accountant, center managers and procurement manager. Additionally, shrinkage reports help you identify areas of pilferage and wastage. You’ll always know exactly how much stock you have on hand.
Zenoti has added real strategic benefit as a partner. They were the only cloud -based system to meet our retail product needs and the back-end inventory management.
Chris Scott
Founder, Skoah

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do salons use?

While there are many software options available, finding one that fits your needs is key. For the greatest success, look for an all-in-one solution that saves you time and offers additional features such as inventory management. Look for real-time stock level alerts and tracking of which products are (or aren’t!) moving to optimize ordering.

What's the best salon software?

The best salon software solutions are those that fulfil multiple business needs, from scheduling to payments through to inventory management. For inventory management, you want a solution that gives you real-time visibility and control over products at all locations, that cuts manual work, and tracks products for optimized ordering and audits.

What is the best inventory management system?

The best inventory system is one that helps you manage day-to-day inventory operations with ease. It helps you sell more products, control back-bar usage and streamline operations. And most importantly, it saves you time. Just like a Zenoti customer, who saved 6,300 hours annually with inventory management.

How do small businesses keep track of inventory?

Regardless of the size of your salon or spa business, inventory software can revolutionize your business. It can automate processes, decrease waste and enable you to track inventory, which ensures you have the right stock on hand, at the right time.

Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty

50% increase in self-service booking.

Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies

500% increase in customers using digital forms prior to treatment.

Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

100% increase in direct mail results.

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