Make inventory management a breeze with a unified, automated system

Our real-time approach is designed to bring you peace of mind and enable you to make timely, data-driven inventory decisions.

Get real-time inventory insights

Keep up to date with changing stock needs and identify popular and slower-moving products with stock level alerts. This helps you order just the right amount and plan marketing campaigns around what customers really want.

Access a bird’s-eye view of all locations

See what's coming from the warehouse and easily transfer products between centers, to respond to demand and shortages, by tracking stock levels across all locations. An identical purchase order process can also be used between centers.

Automate order management

Process invoices automatically and generate prefilled purchase orders for each supplier, with an ERP integration that prevents staff from having to reinvent the wheel with each order.

Assign and track products separately

Block shrinkage opportunities and retain control over professional product usage with in-built processes that distinguish between retail and professional products. Keeping retail data separate enables you to utilize the inventory data to run marketing campaigns that boost sales.

Our number one objective was to move to a cloud-based product for remote access and to centralize our data... I think the inventory section of the software will work very well for us, help us save time ordering and help records be more accurate
Andrew Collinge, Managing Director
Andrew Collinge
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A faster, more accurate way to manage your inventory

Revolutionize your stock management with a centralized approach that increases transparency and control, while saving you time.

End-to-end tracking

View the flow of retail and professional stock coming in, moving to the floor, and through to use or sale.

Webstore upsell recommendations

Provide the customer with retail purchase suggestions during the online booking process by integrating your online store with your website and retail inventory.

Partial deliveries

Simplify the ordering process by accepting partial deliveries for purchase orders and tracking the delivery status of each order.

Faster audits

Increase speed and convenience and remove errors from the stock count with a user-friendly mobile barcode scanner.

Real-time visibility

Monitor transfers and inventory changes per and between centers and automatically update stock levels on order delivery.

Bulk checkout

Track inventory by scanning multiple product barcodes in one go and accelerate the checkout process.

Shrinkage control

Compare expected and actual stock levels, and track areas of shrinkage and overage, all in the same system.

Expanded retail sales

Set up shipping and location-based pick-up options for retail purchases to meet your customers' preferences.

Robust product details

Upload item pictures, descriptions, pricing, variants, and promos, to create a robust internal system and a strong online offering.

“We save 6,300 hours annually with inventory management!”

- Skin Renewal

Did you know?

Customers reduce pilferage by 30% with our inventory features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management system is essentially a program that allows you to know the real time status of your products through your supply chain. The system is designed to assist you in managing your day-to-day activities and operation while ensuring that you maintain a lean stock position. The software helps streamline your operations, control usage, prevent pilferage and theft and increase sales. Further, while accomplishing all of the above, it takes out the element of guess work and human errors in inventory reconciliation and provides you with the real time scenario. Inventory management systems are proven to reduce pilferage by upto 30% and save time by well over 50%. As an automated process inventory management system reduces your holding cost of goods and ensures adequate deployment of capital.

How to automate order management with Zenoti inventory solution?

The Zenoti inventory solution is a state of art module within the Zenoti salon / spa management software. The inventory solution keeps a track of the products for both retail and for consumption, along with the associated lead times. By tracking the consumption patterns and the movement of goods, along with the associated lead times the inventory solution sends automated reminders as soon as the stock levels reach the re-ordering threshold. As a result, the inventory solution ensures that the businesses never have to over stock materials or have to regret to clients due to stock out situation. The auto order generate allows the managers to order materials in just a few clicks and ensures that the guessing game is removed from inventory management.

How do small businesses keep track of inventory?

Up until recent past, for most small businesses the ways of tracking inventory involved a combination of guess work, and long manual hours of reconciling order book with the physical stocks. However, with the availability of a salon or spa management software such as Zenoti, inventory management has become a breeze. The Zenoti inventory management transforms the way how the business is run and ensures that there is substantial decrease in waste and increase in revenue. By automating the process, Zenoti inventory ensures that the business has the right stock at the right time, and thus you save both the money and the time. The Zenoti inventory solution is particularly good small businesses as it ensures that the operations is streamlined.

What kind of insights can we get through the Zenoti inventory?

Zenoti inventory is designed to not only keep a tab on your inventory but also to run deep analytics to understand the underlying patterns that are driving your business. From ascertaining the popularity of retail products and services to creating automated orders and ensuring error free real time stock status, Zenoti inventory can do it all. Further, by populating the actual versus projected expenditure on consumables used for delivering services, Zenoti inventory can help you figure out the areas of improvement. As a result you can ensure that your business cuts down on inventory shrinkage, wastage, pilferage and maintain a lean stock status. Zenoti inventory is known to help save hundreds of hours each year in inventory management.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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