Asa Kitfield


"Going digital was a huge part of our decision to go with Zenoti. It's helped our brand and our patients in so many ways. The guest experience is enhanced as they can fill out forms from their homes - skipping the waiting room and shared pens and clipboards. For us, all the storage and paper handling is eliminated. And we never need to look for the right forms anymore - they're all associated to the customer profile. That was reason enough to move to Zenoti. But with integrated marketing, we've been able to increase the frequency of customer visits, too."

increase in online bookings each month



Offering a better approach to wellbeing, the NutriDrip medical team creates the perfect blend of nutrients to fuel your body. Catering to their guests' healthier selves in locations from NYC to LA to the Hamptons, the NutriDrip mission is to empower the world to live life at its very best.