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Going paperless saves you money, time, effort, and valuable space in your spa, salon or medi-spa. You’ll also see increased productivity from staff and you’ll never lose or misplace important data. All that, and you help save the environment.

Check out 13 ways our customers go paperless with Zenoti.

1. Digital services menu

When customers walk in for their appointment, hand over an iPad or any other tablet. Browsing a digital services menu that includes things like images, videos, suggested services and raving customer reviews encourages customers to add services to their current appointment.

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A digital menu also helps you operationally – you’ll always have a menu that’s optimized for the current business climate. You can add or remove services as often as you want and test pricing across centers with little effort and no cost.

Any changes you make reflects immediately, which means that all your menus - in your center, on your website and on mobile apps - are always in-sync.

2. A paperless intake process

Most systems require a guest to fill out a physical form and then you enter the data in a salon management software. With Zenoti’s paperless intake system, the guest can enter their data directly into a tablet, which is automatically saved as part of their profile.

With Zenoti’s digital forms, intakes are faster, and you can enforce guests to enter data like their email address or birthdate.

Zenoti offers three unique methods to collect data from these forms:

Digital Intake Forms

3. Digital consultation forms

With digital consultation forms, your service providers consult and record customer data using a tablet.

Consultation files are easier to find when you need them, your front desk doesn’t have to pull records and your service providers can move from customer to customer with the data they need on their tablet.

Built-in security ensures that access is limited only to the required staff.

You can even capture the guest’s agreement and signature for terms & conditions on the tablet.

Guest Signature On Agreement

4. Access after-care instructions & prescription history

Doctors or other service providers can enter after care instructions and prescriptions directly into the system. For future visits, it’s easy for providers to look up the client history along with any instructions or prescriptions directly from their mobile device.

5. Track treatment notes & progress

It’s easy to track notes and history about previous sessions for a treatment. Although, it can be accessed only by the concerned service provider. For example, for a Botox treatment, the doctor can record units injected for each muscle area as well as post-treatment results, so that the following sessions can be given with better care.

In medi-spas and slimming centers, it’s typical for clients to sign up for a treatment package with goals. For example, a client might have a 20 pound weight loss goal that extends over 5 months. With our digital tracking system, service providers can track the customer’s progress on each visit directly from their smart phone or tablet.

Learn more about using digital soap notes for a better customer and staff experience.

Guest History

6. A paperless receipt system

Email receipts to customers and print them only on request. In addition to saving paper and ink, emailing receipts provide faster check-outs. You can also send a copy of the receipt to accounting for book keeping.

7. Manage customer feedback easily

Paperless feedback

Zenoti handles the complete feedback cycle, from collecting, responding and promoting your business.

By collecting customer feedback directly into a tablet, you’ll find that more customers share feedback while they’re still in your center and that feedback can’t be tampered.

Zenoti will even automatically award loyalty points on feedback submission.

If a customer submits negative feedback, the system can trigger an SMS (text message) so that your managers can take immediate action. And, it’s just as easy to leverage positive feedback to promote your salon or spa. Share on Facebook, Twitter or your own website with a click of a button.

Your admin office always has access to feedback and you can track trends with customer satisfaction against service providers, centers and more.

8. Access to employee schedules

Staff can access their schedule from their smartphone through our mobile app for employees. Any changes in the schedule are reflected immediately.

9. Check your day’s collections

Collections are easy to manage with day closures. The front desk must verify how much cash was collected. After closing the day, each center’s daily reports are emailed to you. This check of expected collection against the front desk’s actual collection provides security against theft.

10. Log inventory movement

Enforce an electronic checkout of stock from your back-bar. Not only is it faster, but you can easily trace movement of any product to identify any shrinkage issues.

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11. Speed up the audit process

Inventory audits are time intensive and error prone. Digital audits are easier to access and saves a lot of time. With Zenoti you can use a tablet and barcode scanner to take inventory audits mobile. This process makes audits faster, accurate, tamper free and completely paperless. (Learn more about conducting audits with our tablet and barcode scanner.)

Read more about automating the ordering process for effective inventory management.

12. Paperless marketing

Paper plays a big part in marketing your business. Zenoti helps you attract more business with features like digital coupons, integration with Facebook and Twitter, and support for online marketing.

Learn more about our salon marketing software.

Other neat features help you cross-sell and up-sell to your existing customers with things like targeted email campaigns and SMS’s (text messages).

And finally, we have complete support for paperless memberships, with built-in mechanisms to verify client identity without the use of membership cards.

13. Petty cash expenses

You can move petty cash logs into Zenoti. You, your accountant, the manager – or whoever needs to see the log and balance has access from anywhere.

We love that our software helps our clients go paperless and also delivers real business value. If you’re a Zenoti client and need help with any of these capabilities, contact us.

If you’re a spa, salon or medi-spa owner and looking for software that can help you drive business results, request a free demo today.


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