Powerful features to boost your productivity


The first, and only, mobile app designed exclusively for service providers boosts productivity and profits in one go.

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Your personal AI assistant stands ready to simplify your work, amplify your analysis, and add magic to your marketing.

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This Zenoti add-on helps you deliver customer experiences with unprecedented personalization using AI.

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When the power of AI enhances the power of people, you get growth

Zenoti has an AI First approach which means we see how every task can be made easier and better with AI. This empowers every person in your business.

Zenoti for all

Zenoti’s AI empowers every stakeholder

Growth through loyalty

Make your customer fall in love with your brand.

With AI-powered tools like HyperConnect, Zenoti elevates customer engagement to customer romance. Thereby creating unmatched loyalty for your business and an iconic status to your brand.

Growth through efficiency

Free up your front-desk

With online booking, an AI-powered phone line, automatic notifications, self-check-in and automatic payments, Zenoti handles over 50% of front-desk operations. Thereby freeing them to do the most important thing - take care of your guests. And engage with customers.

Growth through motivation

Make every provider a super-provider

With Zenoti, you get myZen - the industry’s only mobile app exclusively designed for providers. myZen helps your providers to manage their day, better service customers, and also throws up AI-powered recommendations for upsells. And it also lets them receive their tips within a day and spend it using the free myZen card.

Growth through information

Help your manager make better decisions

Zenoti’s all-in-one solution allows your manager to handle every operation from the same system. And our dashboards and realtime benchmarks enable more informed decisions. Moreover, AI adds power to every task from deep analysis to marketing campaign suggestions. With the AI-powered internet phone, all calls are transcribed, analyzed, and any issues are flagged. So, your manager can provide effective coaching.

Growth through Control

A unified brand & integrated operations

With all your data and masters in one place, Zenoti allows your multi-centre brand to provide a consistent customer experience across your network. As well as complete visibility into the performance of every single store and employee. With AI-powered analysis to identify problems & opportunities and suggest strategies.

We don’t just promise growth. We demonstrate it.

We have studied thousands of the best & biggest businesses in beauty, wellness & fitness. And built carefully designed features that deliver consistent growth, month after month. And what’s more you get a realtime view of how every feature is working for you.

Get the power of real-time data and benchmarks

Better data leads to better decisions. And better decisions lead to more growth.

As the industry leader, Zenoti aggregates more data than any other software. And we share this with you in the form of industry reports, benchmarks, business reviews and conferences.

Zenoti is not just your software vendor. It’s your growth partner.

When you switch to Zenoti, you gain a committed partner. We are completely aligned with your business success, and we are with you every step of your growth journey.

The ultimate growth software for nearly 30,000 businesses across 50 countries


We obsess about customers. They love us back.

Zenoti tops the charts on some of the most respected review platforms.

Zenoti success stories, straight from the source

Bruce Schultz

CEO, Boardroom Styling Lounge

"Boardroom is growing. Meeting inevitable growth challenges in today’s world means an advanced technological solution capable of simplifying the complex. Zenoti does just that. It’s designed for enterprise-level salons like ours, so we know we’ve found the technology partner we need as we continue to grow."

Katrina Gilligan

Owner, Katrinas Skin Works

"So we chose to go with Zenoti because of the features that it has. The elevated guest experience that I find that our clients are loving is the ability with the mobile app to book appointments online 24/7. It was wonderful with Zenoti being able to get a branded Katrina's Skinworks app. The fact that it's completely integrated with the system has just made my life and the life of our clients so much easier."

Ashley Bajorek

Owner, Élan Med Spa

"Opening a new business can be scary but the support of the Zenoti team has been significant in launching our med spa. Online instant support assists with any immediate inquiries I may have along with [a dedicated] Senior Customer Success Manager meeting with me to discuss any features or additional questions I may have, which ensures the workflow our our office remains consistent and steady."

Lyndsey Anchetak

Owner, Cinta Aveda Institute

"This is a really convenient booking platform. It's equipped with so many features. The 24 hour support team is so helpful and always provides some type of solution/answer to help guide me in understanding how to get the most out of Zenoti and help our business grow."

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