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A new year means new goals and opportunities for business success. So, what resolutions are you setting to help you achieve your goals in 2022?  

Growth and serving guests' needs are the top priorities for most beauty and wellness businesses. While those are great, the results can fall flat without a clear plan, goals, and metrics. That’s where business resolutions come in. If you're new to the spa industry, thinking about expanding your medspa business, or looking to maintain the success your salon or barbershop has already seen, then resolutions could be the answer.  

To help, we're sharing the top five resolutions to follow to create a more profitable and growth-oriented beauty and wellness business in 2022.  

But before you can set your resolutions, it's essential to establish your goals. Think of it like applying the fill color in a color correction process. Your goals, like the fill color, lay the foundation for the desired depth you’re looking for.  

Define Your Key Business Goals

Enlist the support of key stakeholders on your team and use the prompts below to figure out your 2022 priorities. Working together will help you to brainstorm and motivate and engage your employees.  

Calendar 2022 and alarm clock on office table

What are your objectives for 2022?

This could be:

  • Creating loyal guests  
  • Growing the business or adding new locations
  • Becoming more profitable
  • Increasing market share

What actions need to happen for you to achieve each objective? What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each project? What tools do you need to reach these goals? Pro Tip: Implementing these are your resolutions!

Here are two examples to get you started:  

Objective: Increase guest retention

Grow client retention by 5% (KPI) over the next two quarters by delighting guests with marketing campaigns on social media, email, and in-salon (actions) using Zenoti Smart Marketing (tool).  

Objective: Profitability  

Generate 10% more demand for our top three services (KPI) over the next 12 months by identifying and connecting with high-value guests and providing them with a personalized buying experience (actions) using Zenoti Spa Management Software (tool).  

Now it's time to set your business resolutions to help you meet your salon or spa goals for 2022.

Top Five Business Resolutions

1. Boost Your Brand Online  

Your brand is what your guests love and it’s what sets you apart from the competition. With your guests likely thinking about a New Year’s transformation, now is the time to show off your brand personality online.  

Hands in the air showing hair dressing supplies and talents

Focus on the solutions you can offer to your guests, in only the way you can, from custom packages to exclusive services and experiences only found in your salon. Don't be afraid to regularly show off what you offer because your online presence is your most important marketing tool. Use your website and social media as the place to create connections by displaying your unique brand personality.  

Discover the top 10 features to consider when choosing a management software.

2. Streamline Your Processes  

It's time to get your systems and processes in order. From keeping up with inventory management to scheduling your staff and running email campaigns, how many of your operations are time-consuming or can only be done by you because the process is *taps head* "in here"?

If keeping up with processes is slowing you down, one of your top New Year's resolutions should be to streamline your efforts and consolidate all your databases into one central location. This way you can spend less time trying to remember what is located where and more time serving your guests.  

Salon & Barbershop Express Consolidated 40 databases into 1 with Zenoti!

Salon & Barbershop Express - Testimonial

3. Implement the Right Technology  

When it comes to booking, make 2022 the year you automate as much as possible and take advantage of the technology that's available for your salon, spa, or medspa business. Elevate your guest experience with self-service booking capabilities, including appointment booking, rescheduling, self-check-in/, and more.  

Birds Barbershop increased self-service bookings by 60% with Zenoti!

Birds Barbershop increased self-service bookings

Learn more about Birds Barbershop’s success with Zenoti.

4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate  

Number four and five may be the hardest items on the list to implement but both can significantly affect your business success. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. It's your responsibility to take some of the load off you, so you have time to strategize and grow your business.  

You can do it all, but that doesn't mean you have to.

What is one task you can delegate today? This can be small. Are you still checking the mail or replying to DMs on Instagram? Who on the team can take over these responsibilities?    

5. Make Time for Yourself  

You can't work 24/7. Unless your goal is burnout, it's simply not productive. You need time for yourself to unwind, rest, explore creative endeavors, or do whatever lights you up and helps you to feel well resourced.  

A girl enjoying the view at the camping spot

If “me time” sounds frivolous, consider joining a networking group to connect with like-minded beauty and wellness business owners.  

Whatever you decide to do, put it in your calendar or find a partner to hold you accountable. This may be the most important thing you can do for yourself and in service to your staff and guests as you feel good and find great together.  

Book a demo today to learn more about how Zenoti software can help you start the new year strong, stay focused, and make 2022 a year you’ll look back on with pride.


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