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The medspa industry in the US is growing at a rapid pace. It’s expected to reach an incredible $6B in 2022, with multi-location medspas making up 17% of the market.  

We are currently seeing an increasing number of medspas looking to expand their operations. Some are taking the plunge and opening new locations, while others have ambitious growth goals for growing their current operations.  

And it’s no wonder: according to Zenoti benchmarking data, medspas increased their revenue by more than 34% in 2021 compared to 2019.

But with expansion comes growing pains. How can you make sure that you’re providing amazing treatments, a relaxing atmosphere, and a great workplace, when you can’t be everywhere at once?

Your software is the beating heart of your medspa operations. It keeps track of your bookings, your marketing, your financials, and much more. When it works, it saves you time, boosts your revenue, and keeps your business running smoothly. However, when it doesn’t, it can cause stress and confusion for both you and your providers.

In this blog, we are sharing some of the most common reasons medspas are upgrading their software in 2022.

1. To Unify the Brand

When you have a multi-location business, your patients buy into your brand and expect the same great service at every center. It’s essential that their experience is consistent wherever they go; from the marketing they receive to their visit and their aftercare.  

A common issue is separate patient profiles being created when someone has visited different centers. If a patient steps into a new center and it doesn’t have the details of their latest treatment, confusion and frustration can arise. By opting for software with a centralized database, medspas can ensure that providers in every center can access an up-to-date view of each patient’s history and preferences.

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It’s estimated that a consistent brand image can increase revenue by 10-20%.  

A central software solution lets your marketing team send out and automate campaigns to patients across all centers, ensuring the right visuals and tone of voice are present in every message. When your locations are connected to one central point, all patient behavior, from visits to treatments and spend across centers, can be found in one place. So, if you’re looking to send a promotion to patients who haven’t visited for several months, the system will take into account if they’ve visited any of your centers rather than just one.  

Get inspired by 6 essential medspa marketing ideas.

2. To Get More from Analytics

As your medspa business grows, you need data insights to drive strategic decisions. Which treatments are performing well? Could you improve your rebooking rates? What do your financial forecasts look like? Being able to analyze and compare centers in one place takes the guesswork out of running your business.

Denise Keeler, COO of Orange Twist, a medspa group with nine centers said: “All our centers are on one platform. At any given time, I can go on and see exactly what we’re doing and understand what’s happening in centers if I can’t be there myself. Analytics is probably the single most important thing for us as a leadership team. I know what my conversion rates are, what my average selling price is, what clients are coming in and how many are new versus repeat. I can also understand what time is the busiest when scheduling the team."

Do you know what your revenue per hour is - and what it should be? Zenoti is the only software in the industry to tell you not only how you are performing, but how you compare to your peers. With the average medspa bringing in around $1 million per year and top practices generating up to $5 million annually, analyzing and improving your performance can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Introducing Benchmarks by Zenoti:

3. To Boost Sales with eCommerce

Your patients trust your brand and your providers, so reselling a high-quality product range (or developing your own) can offer a great source of revenue. But what happens when patients can’t visit your medspa due to lockdowns or other reasons? Today, many forward-thinking medspas are boosting their in-store revenue with eCommerce.

Global online sales have increased by 38% year-on-year, so don’t get left behind as more shopping goes digital.  

Zenoti is integrated with one of the world’s most well-established eCommerce systems - Shopify. This lets medspas offer product sales on a sleek and user-friendly online platform, while keeping track of inventory and patient purchase history in Zenoti.  

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4. To Maintain a Seamless Customer Journey

In today’s world, mobile devices enable people to move seamlessly through life, whether it’s when they travel, shop or eat. Medspas want to offer their patients the same experience, where they can transition from booking, to consultation, to treatment and aftercare with just the help of their phones.

This can mean booking on the go, completing digital consultation forms prior to a visit, automatic check-ins as they enter your medspa, or touchless payments via their phone as they leave.

Francesca Webster, CEO of 21-center strong Brazilian Beauty said: “Touchless payments was really attractive to us. It’s great for us to have a solution where our therapists, in the treatment room, could just check out their clients there and then. It’s both ease for us, and for the customer as well.”

Zenoti-powered medspas taking their digital presence one step further with a branded mobile app have seen patients booking 12% more services when using the app.  

With invoices averaging $416, these medspas gained a fantastic additional monthly revenue of $17,122.56!

Read more about how the right software can elevate the patient experience.

5. To Simplify Memberships and Offers

Memberships encourage patients to visit more often, spend more, and try new treatments. In fact, 70% of business leaders believe membership and subscription models will be key to future growth.  

Discounts and offers can be a great way to reward loyal patients, but also to win back those who have left a less than gleaming review, so make sure you can easily keep track of patient feedback.  

Regardless of if you’re trying to bring in new patients, reward loyal ones or offer a gesture of goodwill, it’s essential that your patient incentives work for your business. Make sure to use a flexible software solution with the ability to set up memberships and offers which suit your business model and your customer base. And just as important: make it easy for your providers to promote these incentives by ensuring they are automatically processed at the front desk, and consistent across all centers.

Could your medspa make better use of technology? Find out more about our medical spa software


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