It can be a challenge for medspa owners to find a balance between caring for patients and managing business operations. Tedious administrative tasks can pile up and distract you from delivering an exceptional patient experience — if you don’t have the right medical spa software that is!  

Today, patient experience will make or break your business. With so many providers at a patient’s fingertips, the decision not to return to businesses that don’t meet their expectations is as simple as swiping one way or the other. With 86% of patients willing to pay more for a better experience, it’s clear that elevating this experience will directly impact your bottom line.  

Medical spa software can automate your most tedious tasks and free up your time to focus on delivering a memorable patient experience. It should also provide features that elevate the experience from start to finish. From online booking to a mobile app, software helps you eliminate friction in your business processes and elevate your brand against the competition.

Let’s take a look at the facts to see exactly how medspa software improves your patient experience.  

Women with teal hospital head gown

1. Personalized Marketing Campaigns Put Patients First

Have you ever received a marketing email that felt super impersonal? You probably deleted it halfway through reading, or maybe you avoided opening it at all. Patients want to hear about things that are relevant and that excite them. The right software can find out exactly what those things are by using data based on number of visits, personal characteristics, reviews, and so much more.

Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.  

Your marketing campaigns have a better chance of success when they offer a hyper-personalized experience. By using microtargeting to create different patient segments, you can send your patients marketing emails and texts that are relevant to their needs. Have a patient with dry skin? With software that uses data to create detailed customer segments, you can market them products and services most appropriate to their skin type.

It can be hard to keep up with consistent marketing efforts when there’s always a million and one other things to do. That’s why investing in a medspa software that offers automated marketing features is a must. Look for software that offers both email and text marketing campaigns that are easy to create and deliver. With the powerful combination of automation and personalization, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without medspa software.

Hit play for an in-depth look at how microtargeting helps you convert more patients into loyal customers:  

2. Convenient Payments Create a Seamless Experience

Touchless payments are the new norm: we all use apps like Uber for a reason, right? But how can you offer that same level of convenience for your patients? The answer is to choose a payment processing system that integrates seamlessly with your medspa software. This will also provide an elevated experience for you too! From storing cards on file to using a single merchant for payments made in-store, online, or through a consumer branded app, a fully integrated system will save you time and make your life easier.  

A woman who enters her bank details while shopping online

COVID-19 has also made hygiene and cleanliness a top priority for patients. With touchless check-in/out and mobile payment options, patients can safely pay straight from their own devices without any unnecessary touch. Mobile payment options save patients time by allowing them to check out and leave right from the treatment room. This increases transparency and builds trust – your patients know exactly what they’re paying for, helping you avoid unwanted surprises at the front desk.  

Learn more about elevating your patient experience with touchless payments.

3. Stay Connected with Patients

Most people have their mobile phone on them 24/7, so why not take advantage of text messages and chatbots to connect with patients quickly and easily? The best way to build patient loyalty and increase retention is to form lasting relationships. Medspa software helps you do this by making it easier to communicate and connect in real time. Whether a patient has a question before their appointment or a follow up question afterwards, they should feel like they can depend on you for answers. To do that, they must be able to reach you.

As your appointment book fills up, it’s also important to make sure that your patients show up for their treatments. A personalized text from a provider to a patient reminding them of their appointment or confirming their treatment adds a personal touch that makes you stand out. It establishes the relationship you have with your patients, increasing the chances that they become loyal for life.

RUSH Hair & Beauty reduced no-shows by 35% with solutions that enabled them to automate communications.

CEO of Katrinas Skinworks, Katrina Gilligan, uses the communication features of her Zenoti medical spa softwarere to stay connected with patients and enhance their experience. With the two-way text function, she sends appointment reminders, personalized promotions, business updates, and even birthday wishes. Like Katrina, you can use software to create a personal bond with your patients and keep your business top of mind.  

4. Easy Breezy Booking

Online experience is everything today. Patients expect convenient booking options that allow them to book appointments right from their mobile devices. Your medspa software should offer them options to book 24/7, whether it’s through a customized app or through your website or social channels. This reduces the chances of no-shows, since patients are empowered to independently adjust their appointment at their fingertips. The results? Forget hastily flipping through calendars at the front desk while there’s a line of other patients waiting!  

With a customized app, patients enjoy the look and feel of your business combined with the power of convenience. In addition to making bookings straight from their phone or tablet, they can easily purchase gift cards, see their treatment history, view membership perks, and much more. This improves your patient experience and brings in more revenue – it's a win-win.  

5. A Concierge Experience - No Lines, No Waiting

A relaxing medspa experience should never start with a busy waiting room. With the right practice management software, it never will. Look for features, like self-check-in/out and automated payments, that make your medspa’s front desk experience a breeze and deliver that elevated, concierge experience by eliminating long lines.  

Some management software also utilizes smart, geo signal technology to empower patients to check in when they are within 100 meters of your clinic. A self-check-in prompt will be sent directly to their mobile phone, and your providers and front desk will be alerted to their arrival. This frees up your front desk staff to focus on building relationships with patients and keeps your waiting room free of lines.  When your patients enjoy fast, efficient service they’ll be more likely to return!  

An employee mobile app which gives them access to everything they need on their mobile or a tablet device is another great way to deliver this concierge experience. Why? Because it enables staff to get out from behind the front desk and engage with patients on the floor or as they come through the door. You can also make your intake process quick and error-free with digital forms that are automatically sent to patients via email ahead of their appointment. This way they can fill out forms whenever it suits them from the comfort of their home, instead of needing to arrive early for their appointment! Keep reading to learn more.  

6. Go Paperless and Save Time

It’s 2022 - time to go paperless! You want your patients to be relaxed and stress-free as they arrive for their treatment. Arriving at your clinic only to be presented with multiple pages of paperwork doesn't exactly create a zen environment.  

Medspa management software digitizes your processes, improving efficiency and creating a smoother experience for patients. With Digital Forms, staff can store and access guest information, treatment notes, and before/after photos in one central, cloud location. Employees will never waste time digging through a filing cabinet again and patients never have to repeat themselves if they visit a different location, as every center can see and access one unified patient record! You’ll also maximize every appointment slot without the paperwork eating into previous minutes of your appointment slot. If the patient has filled out forms in advance, then you can increase appointment efficiency and generate more revenue per hour or per treatment.  

Highly intuitive and customizable forms also guarantee that you’re capturing the right information right away so providers can skip the back and forth and get to what they do best: providing excellent quality treatment. Digital forms help to ensure safety by reducing physical touchpoints and unnecessary interactions – something your patients will notice and appreciate as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Smiling woman getting a head massage

Finally, going paperless is one of the best ways for your business to reduce its environmental impact. As the world becomes increasingly eco-conscious, patients are choosing to visit businesses which align with their sustainable values. Avoid any potential lost opportunities and help to make the world a little greener by taking advantage of digital forms for intake, consent, consultations, notes, and more.

Learn how else your medspa can reduce its environmental impact here.  

Ready to Elevate Your Patient Experience?

The medical spa market is ever expanding and is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14.3% from 2021 to 2028. Patients are becoming more aware of their skin care and wellness needs. While this is fantastic for medspa owners like yourself, it also means there will be growing pressure from competition.  

Investing your time and efforts to deliver an exceptional experience is the best way to differentiate from the competition. With medspa software, you can increase efficiency, reduce wait times, streamline payment processing, improve appointment management, and remove unnecessary contact points.

To be sure you’re getting the best option for you, invest in a medical spa software that focuses on both increasing efficiency and elevating the patient experience. Say goodbye to long wait times, confusing application forms, and clunky scheduling software. It’s time to provide your patients with a hassle-free experience, wouldn’t you agree?  

Learn more about how to deliver a magical patient experience at every touchpoint.

Emily Martin
Zenoti Copywriter
A self-confessed bookworm with a passion for languages and weaving together words. Happiest when immersed in nature, either on horseback or skis, or curled up with a good thriller. Emily's writing focuses on sharing trends and insights impacting the beauty and wellness industry.
Emily Martin
Zenoti Copywriter
A self-confessed bookworm with a passion for languages and weaving together words. Happiest when immersed in nature, either on horseback or skis, or curled up with a good thriller. Emily's writing focuses on sharing trends and insights impacting the beauty and wellness industry.

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What you should do now

When you're ready, take a look at ways we can help you grow.
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We'd love to demonstrate what we can do for you, and how you can grow your business with us.
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Cullie Poseria
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fitness
Coming from a healthcare family, growing up as a competitive athlete, and being trained as a filmmaker, and MBA, Cullie brings diverse experience to her storytelling and digital business-to-business product marketing. Her writing focuses on sharing trends and insights from her experience in software, entertainment, wellness, and fitness.

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