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There’s no doubt about it, consumers are prioritizing their wellness more today than they did two-to-three years ago. Plus, research shows the global wellness market’s annual growth is expected to still reach 5-10%, and consumers’ spending on wellness products and services is projected to continue increasing.

Now, more than ever, people are ready to spend money putting their health and wellness first. Are you confident that your beauty and wellness business is ready to stand out from the crowd clamoring for consumers’ attention and loyalty?  

Here are some best practices that will help you progress and prosper beyond the COVID-19 era.

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Create Strong Connections

Our highly digitized world has become even more so since the pandemic. The result?  

Your website and social media accounts are vital to showcasing your brand online.

The online connections you create with your fans and future customers carry over into real life, especially if the people behind those connections feel an affinity towards your brand. It’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest digital trends, regularly reassess and implement online best practices, and take advantage of cutting-edge technology.

Creating and growing your salon or spa’s online presence through social media is a highly effective way to increase brand awareness and connect with local customers. Especially since the average person spends about 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every day! Capture this time for your brand by creating a strong social media presence that enables new customers to easily gain an understanding of your business’s values, service offerings, and providers through their preferred platforms. Plus, it’s a great customer service tool to instantly answer your customers’ questions and encourage them to book - for example, research shows nearly 36% of Gen Z prefer social media for simple inquiries.  

Before the Appointment: Make Your First Impression Count

Today, more and more interactions—including those with businesses—happen online first before they happen in-person. Meaning your guests meet your business and brand in digital spaces ahead of ever stepping foot through your door. What does your beauty and wellness business’s digital first impression say? Make it count by elevating your brand through digital innovations.  

Pre-COVID, sending personalized text messages, implementing 24/7 online booking, and offering guests a branded app may not have been common business practices for you. But, because a lot of our normal life activities have been based online these past 18 months, the way people consume technology has evolved.  

Today, guests are used to seeing digital advancements in their interactions with businesses and are more proactive about self-service.

This means that consumers aren’t surprised by the latest tech anymore. They expect it.  

Exceed their expectations with innovative spa and salon technology solutions. Options include launching your own branded mobile app to offer even more direct interactions with your customers or implementing a spa or salon webstore to deliver convenient online booking and gift card purchases. Our data shows that 29% of first-time guests book online and same-day appointments account for 38% of online bookings - that’s a lot of opportunities to miss out on! Differentiate your brand by putting access to your business in the palm of their hands and giving guests 24/7 online booking convenience.  

Based on the impressions you’re making online and through the technology you’ve implemented, guests may make up their mind about you, for better or for worse, before your service providers ever have the chance to actually say hello.  

With the right tools in place, your beauty and wellness business can make the best impression—one that fills up the appointment book!  

During the Appointment: Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Waiting rooms are so 2019. Really though, people haven’t had to physically sit in waiting rooms for a long time. So elevate customer experience with technology solutions that enable them to skip the line and the front desk.

The Digital Consumer: Shifting Expectations and Digital Readiness report found that half of American consumers are comfortable with touchless technologies, and 68% feel companies using touchless technologies are empathetic towards consumers. So, move your business forward by making sure you’re impressing your guests—both new and returning—during their appointment and before they even step through the door.


Use cutting-edge technology to make your brand shine and emphasize the value your business has to offer.

Cutting-edge technology by Zenoti Salon software

Ultimately, self-check-in and text updates help guests to feel connected with you prior to their arrival and gives them comfort in knowing what to expect and how to communicate. And just like walking out of a hotel without having to wait around at the check-out desk to settle up, letting guests automatically pay and tip ensures they leave with their post-service bliss intact.

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After the Appointment: Cultivate Strong Bonds

One of the best things about technology is that you can stay top-of-mind with your guests without having to depend on a physical presence—either yours or theirs. And customers actually want to stay connected with businesses.  

A 2018 survey about “What Consumers Want From Brands,” reports that 64% of consumers like brands to connect with them. When they do feel connected to brands, more than half of consumers will increase their spending with that brand, and 76% will buy from them over a competitor, according to results from the same survey.  

Help guests really bond and stay connected with your business beyond their appointment with technology!

Start by automating your feedback process. Once they’ve paid and said goodbye, set up systems that will automatically send one-touch surveys to encourage guests to instantly rate and review their services, their service provider, and your business. Immediate feedback is key, and reviews are one of the most valuable assets your business has, simply because better reviews directly correlate with consumers’ perceptions of your brand and how much they spend at your business. For example, a 2020 Nielsen digital media survey found that “22% of consumers claim they will not buy after reading one negative review,” and 59% won’t buy if they see three negative reviews.”

Today’s customers are used to giving fast feedback through streamlined apps like Uber and Airbnb.

Generating more feedback not only boosts your social presence but provides valuable insights as you continue to navigate updating your post-pandemic business procedures.  

Statistics from the 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey by Bright Local illustrate just how important social proof is:  

Statistics to show how important social proof is

Linking your feedback surveys with referral programs is another great way to reward your most loyal guests and encourage new bookings. If guests are positively promoting you on social sites, they could also become your top referrers. So, incentivize them with a program that rewards both the referrer and the referee if a new guest comes in after their recommendation.  

Flexible guest reward programs drive loyalty through customized systems that are best suited to your employees’ and guests’ needs. Plus, monthly points statements and strategically timed marketing campaigns delivered via text or email keep your brand top-of-mind. Always-on campaigns remind guests when it’s time to rebook and/or replenish their retail products.

Lastly, our research shows that rebooking identical services accounts for 66% of salon and spa visits. So, ensure your guests can rapidly rebook their services with you anytime, anyplace. There are several easy ways for guests to rebook, this could be at checkout or through their online account in a single click!  

Empower Employees Every Step of the Way

To keep your business thriving post-pandemic, it’s critical to support your salon and spa service providers. Prioritize your employees’ wellbeing with Zenoti's employee management software by offering them the best tech solutions to seamlessly implement into their work routines and support their new normal. This includes instant notifications, guest history, chairside upsells, and personalized notes.

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Knowing that touchless technology is available for them, and not just their guests, will go a long way to help hesitant staff members feel more confident navigating the ever-evolving COVID situation.  

Knowing they have the tools... to empower their business, support their success as they navigate their new normal post COVID.

Discover More Business Success Post-COVID

COVID-19 has likely forever changed the way we do business. But it has also given the beauty and wellness industry the chance to prove how resourceful and adaptable we are. Implementing the latest tech designed specifically for this industry is one of the most powerful ways to help your business have the comeback it deserves.  

Want to learn more about Zenoti’s innovative beauty and wellness solutions? We’d love to chat and schedule a free demo for you today!


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