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Father’s Day is coming. Is your barbershop, salon or spa making the most of the opportunity? Consumers don’t miss the opportunity to shower Dad with love on Father’s Day. Last year, Americans spent a record-high $15.5 billion on Father’s Day, and spending is likely to be even higher this year. If you’re a barbershop, salon or spa owner wondering how you can capture some of that spending, here’s the good news: The National Retail Federation reports that small businesses accounted for 18 percent of 2017 Father’s Day spending, and nearly $1 billion was spent on personal care gifts. Most Father’s Day shopping is done by women. If you’re a barbershop catering to male clients, you’ll need to appeal to their wives and daughters. And if you’re a salon or spa that mostly caters to women, you’ll want to tap into your existing customer base. Here are five Father's Day ideas to help you boost sales in your barbershop, salon or spa.

1. Promote Father’s Day gift cards

In 2017, Americans spent $2.2 billion on Father’s Day gift cards and it’s easy to see why: Gift cards make gift-giving simple. To boost your gift card sales, make the purchase process as simple as possible. Sell gift cards in-store and online so your guests can gift your services from anywhere at anytime. Create Father’s Day themed gift cards, if possible. Keep a rack of salon gift cards next to the register so guests will see them during checkout and make sure your front-desk staff promotes them too.

2. Create Father’s Day gift bundles

Many gift-givers still want to give a physical gift. Gift bundles are the perfect way to take the guesswork out of gift-giving. Make it easy for your customers to gift your products with thoughtful gift bundles Dad will love. Use appealing packaging, and consider bundling products and services for a gift that offers Dad an experience too. Consider sweetening the pot by offering the purchaser a small gift or discount on their next service with the purchase of a Father’s Day gift package.

3. Get the word out

Father’s Day sales are only as effective as your marketing. Use plenty of signage in-store and instruct your staff to mention Father’s Day offers during services and checkout. To really spread the word, create an email marketing campaign to promote your Father’s Day deals. Use these tips to create a campaign that catches your guests’ attention and make it easy for guests to purchase your offer with a clear call to action and online shopping capabilities. Start your marketing efforts in mid-May but keep them going until Father’s Day to capture last-minute gift sales.

4. Use social media

Social media is a great way to draw attention to your Father’s Day promotions. Get creative, and consider hosting a photo contest or giveaway to encourage people to participate. The more people who like, comment or share your posts, the more people who’ll see them in their feeds. Check out this example from 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, and think about how you can use social media to promote your brand and increase Father’s Day sales.

What has your dad done that makes him extra special? Submit a photo and a few words about him to be entered into our Man At His Best Contest for a chance to win an 18|8 Executive Membership! #188ManAtHisBest

— 18|8 Fine Men Salons (@188salons) May 22, 2018

If you run a barbershop, social media is a particularly effective way to target wives and daughters shopping for Father’s Day gifts. Consider using Facebook ads that allow you to target your audience by age, location and gender.

5. Think past Father’s Day

It’s great if your campaigns work and you see an influx of men in your salon or spa for Father’s Day. It’s even better if you convert these new guests into returning customers. Focus on providing an exceptional customer experience and entice your guests to come back with a retention campaign targeting Father’s Day customers. Consider offering discounts on repeat services so your new guests have a compelling reason to come back.


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