Configuration and Data Migration Professional Services


Zenoti has extensive experience in system configuration and data migration from various systems. Zenoti will make the services and content available to Customer pursuant to the subscription agreement purchased by the Customer and provide Customer with a System administrator Login. The Parties (Customer and  Zenoti Professional Services Team) will mutually execute one or more separate statements of work (SOW(s)) containing the relevant terms and conditions. Zenoti Professional Services team will be involved with configuration, migration, integration, reporting services of the system along with training in alignment with the SOW agreed between both Parties.  


The following section sets forth the services included as part of the Configuration & Data Migration services.

Scope of Work

The following tasks shall be performed as part of Configuration and Data Migration:

  • Configuring Zenoti purchased modules and workflows for these modules
  • Configuring role-based access to Zenoti modules and reports
  • Migration and setup of Master (Services, Product, Employee) data  provided by Customer
  • Configuration of Online Webstore and Customer Mobile App (CMA) (if purchased with Customer’s Zenoti Service subscription and within the implementation timeline) 
  • Assignment of training courses on Zenoti University 
  • Up to 3 days of remote online post go-live support by Zenoti’s Professional Services Team

Master Data Migration 

As part of the migration and configuration of Customer’s Master Data the following tasks shall be completed:

  • Depending on the software solution Customer is migrating to Zenoti from, Customer will be informed by the Professional Services Team as to what format Customer has to provide the data for the Services, Products and Employees so that it may be imported into Zenoti. This format may include providing a login into Customer’s current software solution, requesting current data by the customer from Customer’s current software vendor, filling in Excel files provided by Zenoti in a predefined format, providing an export of Customer’s database or a combination of these tasks. Once provided, such data shall be imported into Zenoti by the Professional Services Team.
  • Only one source of data shall be imported under this service. You may not provide data from multiple software solutions for import into Zenoti. Data from more than one source can be imported by purchasing additional Professional Services from Zenoti.
  • Images and/or documents that you may have in your current solution will not be imported into Zenoti under this service. Customer will need to purchase additional Professional Services under an SOW to have such data imported into Zenoti system.
  • Current balances for items such as Gift Cards, Packages, Memberships and Loyalty Points shall be imported as well, if the data of such balances can be provided by Customer to the Professional Services Team. 
  • Current Stock of inventory shall be imported if the data can be provided by Customer to the Professional Services Team.

Configuration of Online Webstore and Customer Mobile App (CMA)

The following tasks shall be completed as part of configuring the Online Webstore and the Customer Mobile App. If these products were not purchased by Customer, this section shall not apply:

  • Customer may select the Webstore and Mobile app layout from the templates provided to you by the Professional Services Team.
  • All the design elements, images and required content should be shared in a pre-defined format given by the Professional Services Team. 
  • Customer mobile app will be published from your app store and play store developer accounts that are shared with the Professional Services Team at the start of the implementation.

Zenoti University

Zenoti University is the platform Zenoti uses in order to deliver self-paced training online. Customer’s team members will be assigned online courses based on their roles in the organization. Each member is responsible for completing their training successfully prior to starting to use or operate the Zenoti system. It is vital to keep in mind that those who do not complete the training may struggle with the use of or not understand how to properly use the Zenoti system and more importantly make errors in the operation of the Zenoti system.

Remote Online Post Go-Live Support

After Customer’s operations are live on the Zenoti system, Customer will continue to receive support on the use of Zenoti for an additional 3 days from the Zenoti Professional Services team. The team will help answer any questions that you may have pertaining to the use of Zenoti. Upon completion of this time period you will be transitioned to Zenoti’s Support team and you will have to reach out to our support team for any questions that may come up in your use of Zenoti.

We understand the importance of having quality data in Zenoti to set you up for success. As part of the Zenoti onboarding process, our team will guide you through the steps involved. 


There are two environments created by Zenoti to facilitate the migration of data from Customer’s existing system to Zenoti. 

  • Stage site: This is a test site in which data for 2-3 locations will be migrated and validated. The data migrated on this site needs to be reviewed and signed off before the Live site migration process can start. 
  • Live site: This is a Live site, which will be used for the Zenoti rollout for all the locations. The work on this site will only begin after the Customer has provided the sign-off on the stage site.

Stage Site Migration

Below are the high-level steps involved in completing the migration of data on stage site.

Live Site Migration

The migration of data on the Live site is done in a phased manner, which is explained below.

  • Before Go-Live: The data which is not bound to change significantly on a day-to-day basis is loaded into the Live site one week prior to the go-live. This includes the services, product, vendor, series/membership definitions… etc. Most of the configurations are also loaded prior to the go-live.

  • During Go-Live (Cutover): This activity starts the night prior to the go-live. This is also called as Cutover.  As part of the cutover, the following data will be loaded into Zenoti Live system - upcoming appointments, employee schedules, guest notes/alerts, liabilities (gift card, series, membership, point balances).

  • After Go-Live: After go-live, within 7-10 working days, the past data of appointments, sales and collections will be loaded into the live site by Zenoti. Typically, two years of past data will be migrated unless the Customer and Zenoti have entered into a SOW for additional data migration years. 

There are some activities that Customer will be responsible for as part of the Live migration. 

  • The “Cutover” activity starts after all the locations close business for the day. Customer will need to coordinate with the existing system vendor to provide the latest copy of the database after the business is closed for the day, the night prior to go-live. 
  • As part of the closure activities in the existing system, the night prior to the go-live, any automated collections process and automated email/text process should be stopped. This is to avoid guest getting double-billed and receiving duplicate email/text.

During the cutover activity, the online bookings flowing into existing system should be stopped for few hours. Online booking links on the Customer website should be redirected to Zenoti online booking after the cutover activity is completed.

What do we migrate from your existing system?  

The below table has the list of items that Zenoti can migrate from your existing system.

Dominic Blake, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Dominic Blake
Managing Director, Blushes Hair & Beauty
Isabel Steward, Douglas J Companies
Isabel Steward
Director of Guest Service, Douglas J Companies
Brendon Mann, Epic Hair Designs
Brendon Mann
Director, Epic Hair Designs

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