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When your salon is hiring stylists and other service providers, you're expected to offer an exciting work environment, and competitive pay and benefits. But today, that's not enough. You also need technology and tools to make every provider's job easier and boost their earning potential.

Benefits of a staff mobile app

For high-performing salons, a mobile app for staff is essential. It helps you improve the experience for service providers in your salon, empowering them to master their day, satisfy their clients, and take home more money.  

Here are four benefits to adding a salon mobile app – if you don't already have one.

Benefit #1: Gives service providers control of their day

With real-time access to their schedules, service providers can easily see their appointments for the day and know what to expect. That level of visibility helps stylists feel more empowered and invested in their work.

Business benefit: Fewer front-desk bottlenecks

The mobile app alerts service providers when guests check in on their smartphones. Providers can then meet guests in the lobby, saving them a stop at the front desk.

"Our team members love having access to their business at all times of the day. They are really able to take their business in their own hands, and set up and prep their day before they even come into the salon."

– Amber Campbell, VP Operations, Tricoci Hair Salon & Day Spa
"Since implementing Zenoti Mobile, about 14% of all [payment] transactions are completed online. Guests can now skip the front desk which improves their experience and makes life simpler for our stylists."

– Shawn Trujillo and Angie Katsanevas, Founders, Lunatic Fringe Salons

Benefit #2: Helps providers deliver exceptional service and earn more

With technology tracking guest preferences, your providers don't have to. The app offers care and product suggestions based on guests' profile notes in Zenoti – which stylists can recommend right at the chair or station.

An app also makes guest checkout possible from the chair or treatment room, and includes another opportunity to offer product suggestions, which are provided automatically. With this information convenient and close at hand, stylists and providers can take personalization up a notch and make more in retail sales commissions.

Help providers drive exceptional service

Business benefits: Positive guest feedback, more upsell revenue, higher retail sales

Providing exceptional service underpins good reviews for your business. And the bottom line gets a lift from service upsells and retail sales.

"Our waxers know when a guest checks in, so they're more efficient to come up and greet them. In the suite, we're arming our waxers with guest information in real time to help them understand previous services and allow them to recommend other services."

– Chris Kobus, Chief Experience Officer, European Wax Center

Benefit #3: Gives providers a look at their tip income

Service providers can see tip income in real time on their smartphone via the app. Tip updates can boost motivation, encouraging providers to work toward consistently great, personalized service – and, in turn, more revenue for them and your business.  

The Zenoti mobile app shows "tips earned" and "tips paid out" – it's easy for providers to eyeball their gratuities and manage their cash flow.

Gives providers a look at their tip income

Business benefits: Greater trust, less administrative work

Transparency around tip payouts helps build trust in your business. Automated payouts eliminate the tedious work of having to calculate tip totals for each staff member and distribute tips by hand.

"Zenoti breaks everything down for me, whether that be my commissions, my product sales, or anything about my paycheck."

– Victoria Zadel, Waxologist, OC Waxing

Benefit #4: Fosters career development

Your stylists can learn new skills through short courses they can take on their smartphone. By staying up to date with the industry, they gain confidence and strengthen their engagement with your salon.  

Zenoti salons and spas have free access to Zenoti University, a self-paced learning portal. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders like TONI&GUY, the training materials and videos focus on a variety of topics, including soft skills like communication and career-enhancers like personal branding.

Fosters career development

Business benefits: Improved staff performance, reduced attrition

By helping service providers reach their full potential, you're investing in their future and likely earning their loyalty as well. They're more inclined to stay with your salon business and help it grow.

"Zenoti University has a lot of tools and resources that help our company be more successful. I believe it's always good to get more training as stylists because the industry changes every six months."

– Jason Yearwood, Business Partner, All Dolled Up Salon
"Every bit of training and knowledge needed to successfully implement Zenoti is available through their help desk and Zenoti University."

– Chelsea Hadden, President, Birds Barbershops


A mobile app is a powerful tool to keep service providers happy, engaged, and invested in their work. Specifically, the Zenoti app for staff gives stylists and technicians greater control, the potential to earn more, visibility into income, and career development at their fingertips. As the beating heart of your business, service providers are your most valuable asset, so it pays to invest in their success.

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