All that your employees need at their fingertips

Employees take the driver’s seat delivering a safe, touchless customer experience with Zenoti Employee Mobile App. This app allows them to handle customer appointments and employee workflows end-to-end on their mobile devices--saving the hassle of logistical work, front desk interactions, and the use of shared devices. Your staff gets easy access to scheduling, earnings, payroll, and more, while you maintain ultimate control over the information employees see and where they see it.

Safe, touchless customer experience

Happy employees lead to happy customers. Customer servicing becomes faster and safer as you boost employee efficiency and satisfaction rates with the Employee Mobile App. With easy access to their schedule, service details, and notes from previous appointments, your employees are better prepared to serve their customers.

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Safe, convenient operations for employees

Make daily operations cleaner and safer for employees. The Employee Mobile App lets providers and front desk staff manage appointments, check customers in, upsell, initiate check-out, rebook, and more from their mobile devices.

Employees check themselves in/out, manage schedules, request time off, get real-time information on earnings, ratings, and more. The app gives them tools to evaluate their own performance and grow as professionals. Being "in the know" builds their trust and cuts down on miscommunication.

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Unified and seamless

Create a consistent employee experience on every device, through every channel, at every center. The Employee Mobile App integrates with the appointment book, CRM, reporting, and other Zenoti features. It updates in real-time to help employees manage their workflows and coordinate with each other.

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Integrate the Employee Mobile App with Zenoti Connect, a two-way messaging product that lets staff communicate with customers, resolve queries, and receive feedback in real-time through the Consumer Mobile App.

Control the flow of information

The app empowers employees to run daily operations but leaves ultimate control with you. You decide who sees customers' personal information and who has access to sensitive business information. Define multiple roles like front desk staff, service providers, managers, and more. Retain information access within your premises with geofencing.

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Make your employee’s job easier

“Zenoti Employee Mobile App is really useful. Employees can see their business, get notifications on client check-in, they can see their appointments, check-in, and check-out their attendance through their phone. Geo-fencing feature really helps in making sure employees don't access the data outside center premises, which is the primary requirement of our business”


No front desk crowds. No shared devices.

Selling made easy

Providers can add retail purchases and upsells during appointments.

Encourage professional growth

Use metrics for employee assessments and to set performance goals staff can track on the app.

Keep information safe

Restrict appointment details and other business information to within your geofence location.

Access to scheduling

Providers can check their schedules and request a day off or a shift change.

Convenient booking

You can opt to let providers book/cancel/reschedule appointments on the app.

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Francesca Webster, Founder and CEO

"At ASI, we partnered with Zenoti. Because we have lots of stockists, especially smaller stockists and small beauty operators contacting us wanting to be a stockist, but they don't really have access to great technology. So, the partnership with Zenoti and ASI will give these smaller businesses access to enterprise level technology. And the features of Zenoti mean that any small operator or side hustler out there can literally operate their business when they're out and about from their iPhone and have full functionality and access to the best beauty software in the world."
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