Touchless transactions for a new world

COVID-19 will keep hygiene concerns top-of-mind for years to come, with customers and staff hyper-aware of cleanliness. Touchless payments are the new norm. Zenoti Payments elevates your guest's experience with touchless check-in and checkout and mobile payment options - think Uber or AmazonGo. Your touchless tech will reassure your customers and cultivate their trust.

Zenoti Payments

Zenoti Payments is an integrated payment solution that supports everyone’s need to go completely touchless. It’s fast, effortless, secure, and consistent. Features such as Auto-update of saved cards, Integrated Deposit Reports and Dispute Management, PCI compliance, and 99.99% uptime provide you the freedom to focus 100% on your customers.

Reduce Errors, Save Time:

Integration with POS eliminates double entries and thepossibility of errors. The unified platform provides seamlessand consistent business operations across all the locations.

  • End-to-end integration lets you link your in-store, online, and in-app sales to grow your business and gain a clearer understanding of the health of your company.
  • Guest profiles with Saved Cards are available for use acrossall locations of the brand.
  • With Mobile POS, staff can upsell and check guests out withjust a few taps on a mobile tablet. Anyone on your team canadd additional products and services to the customer'sinvoice and initiate payment collection.

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Frictionless Experience

Zenoti Payments enables Zenoti Go which provides an elevated guest experience with easy check-in and check-out. Guests can pay directly from their mobile phone or enable auto-payments for a completely automated check-out experience.

  • Support for Apple Pay and Android Pay creates a completely touchless payment experience.
  • Invoice mirroring provides a transparent billing process, reducing invoice errors

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Staff Empowerment

Zenoti Payments lets your staff focus on the right tasks and be more productive by providing tools to track, analyze the transaction operations under one centralized platform.

  • Integrated deposit report provides a rich collection of information on collections and deposits, providing a scope to know beforehand how much and when the deposits are coming in.
  • Integrated dispute management provides an effortless way to submit reports that includes evidence submission, status alerts, and dispute reports.
  • You’ll easily see exactly which transactions failed or were delayed.

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More value than just transactions

Our transaction fees cover more than just payment processing. You get a host of valuable benefits that most others only give to you at an extra charge.

Transparent fees

Flat rates for all credit card types.

No contracts

Month-to-month commitment and no minimum volumes. You’re never locked in–100% guaranteed.

PCI compliant

Fully compliant with PCI Data Security Standards that keeps transactions secured.

Go global

Store credit cards on file and use from any location - whether you operate many locations in one country, or are spread globally, we've got you covered.

Keep cards up to date

Automatically update expired cards, minimizing failed transactions and saving your staff time on follow-ups.

Auto collections

Automates payment processing for recurring memberships and series packages.

High availability

Enables you to focus on your customers and have peace of mind with 99.99% uptime.

Integrated deposit report

Monitor collections and deposits daily so you can forecast deposit amounts and timing.

Integrated dispute management

Effortlessly review disputed transactions, gather evidence, and submit it in a few minutes

Unified support

We provide complete backend support. You don’t have to pursue multiple channels.

Francesca Webster, Founder and CEO, Brazilian Beauty

“Additionally, touchless payments was really attractive to us. Our business is changing all the time and it was very attractive for us to have a solution where our therapists in the treatment room, could just check out their clients there and then, and both ease for us, but also for the customer as well.”
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