Split Tips With Ease

By Emily Martin

December 18, 2015

It’s now easier to split tips in Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa). Consider a common scenario where a customer comes in for multiple services and during billing provides the receptionist with instructions on how to split the tip between her service providers. The receptionist can simply click the split tips button in the POS. She'll see a list of service providers with an even break-down of the total tip amount. She can now adjust the tip amounts directly in the list, and just as quickly add any other service providers to share in the tip.

Split Tips Screen

All tips entered through the POS are recorded in our payroll reports. For a step-by-step process to split tips, check out the last section "To Split Tips Between Employees" in our support article Track And Pay Out Tips In Your Organization. Zenoti supports employee payroll, commissions and more for spas, salons and medi-spas. If you’re new to Zenoti, request a demo for a guided tour our software.

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Emily Martin

Copywriter, Zenoti

A self-confessed bookworm with a passion for languages and weaving together words. Happiest when immersed in nature, either on horseback or skis, or curled up with a good thriller. Emily's writing focuses on sharing trends and insights impacting the beauty and wellness industry.

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