Netflix plans? Get inspired by Self Made.

Image © Netflix, Inc. 2020

Do youhave undefined Netflix plans this weekend? If so, we heartily recommend SelfMade, a drama series depicting the life of Madam C.J. Walker – the firstAfrican American female millionaire. 

Thefictionalized series chronicles the inspiring story of how Walker went from alaundress to building a successful hair care business in the early 1900s.Experiencing hair loss sparked Walker to create hair care products. Sheinitially started with direct sales and then built her business, which includedhair care products, a factory, and a beauty school. The series shows theobstacles that Walker faced both professionally and personally. Through willpower and determination, she pursued her dreams and didn’t let anything get inher way. 

Theshow also reveals Walker’s involvement in multiple areas of her business, fromdesign and sales to mentoring the women she employed. She employed thousands ofwomen and had a vision for her company to empower all women. Walker wantedwomen to feel beautiful, so they have the confidence to build their success.

SelfMade will leave you inspired byWalker’s legacy of determination despite hardships and obstacles. It’s afeel-good story, sure to motivate you.

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