Tangerine Rolls Out Mobile App For Customers

As one of India's largest day spa and salon, Tangerine handles high volume of customers every day. Front desk is responsible for engaging with and making every customer feel special - a tall order when you have a large premise, constant traffic and a variety of tasks to handle. Tangerine welcomed a solution to help reduce their admin load.With Zenoti's customer mobile app, Tangerine customers can now browse the full service menu and request appointments directly through the app. The fully integrated system automates appointment booking and allows front-desk to focus on customers that are on premise.The mobile app makes it easy for customers to rebook past services, and check balances on memberships, packages and gift cards. And, with built-in promotions, Tangerine can also up-sell and cross-sell services directly through the app.Tangerine's Director of Operations, Balaji Y., sees the app as a business driver and says, "We're excited about the app because it differentiates us from other spas and salons. Competition is increasing every year, and this helps keep us on our customers' minds. So far, feedback has been really good from customers and my own employees. Which, really drives our loyalty efforts to the next level."

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